The Salvation Army is dedicated to building a cohesive society where everyone enjoys equality and is treated with respect. We firmly believe that creating a culture of care at school or even in the entire community will help our children grow up healthily and happily.

Under the caring grace of God and His guidance, Sam Shing Nursery School has been running for 40 years. Over the years, we have been encouraging and promoting a culture of care initiating from the school, then extending to families and the community. It cultivates among our children a sense of harmony and friendliness, so that they can feel and experience love, and learn to love others as well. Children also learn to appreciate each other in their daily lives, showing care and respect for one another in love.

Promoting a Culture of Care
We have adopted diverse ways in promoting a culture of love and care. For instance, we introduce Bible stories, daily news and social topics to the children in morning prayers and personal growth curriculum. We guide the children to have healthy interaction with other people, the society and the nature, thus building a positive and optimistic attitude towards ‘cherish’, ‘respect’ and ‘care’.

Through activities such as ‘Big Brother Big Sister Scheme’, ‘students on duty’ and ‘little teachers’, we have created a caring atmosphere in the school, and have cultivated among our children a spirit of mutual love and care. Children have had the opportunity exploring their talents in various aspects. In this way, they can be positively encouraged and recognised.

Spreading God’s Love in the Community
In project learning activities, our children put ‘spreading love’ into practice through different ways. In the ‘Chinese Culture’ project, children jointly organised a ‘Joyful Tea Meeting’. They invited senior family members to come to school to enjoy games and snacks prepared by the children. This was how they showed their gratitude for the loving care of the elders.

In the projects of ‘Community’ and ‘Christmas’, the children noticed that there were many elderly people living in Sam Shing Estate. They realised the population kept on ageing in the Estate. The children and teachers visited elderly centres and sang Christmas carols in the community, sharing God’s love and salvation with the residents through the Nativity story and hymns.

Through all these activities, the seed of love has been planted in the children’s hearts. Our children have brought the love of our Heavenly Father to the community. They have learnt how to care about people and things around them, and they keep on promoting the message of love, so that everyone can feel and experience it.