Greetings to you from International Headquarters in London. Many people are using phrases like: We are living in uncertain times, or we’re facing uncharted waters. Like many of you, we’ve all been watching and praying as Covid-19 has spread to numerous countries, and various governments continue to make responses. Certainly, we are praying for all who are personally and adversely affected. The Salvation Army is an international movement and we serve in 131 countries across the world. In each country while maintaining our Christian service. We remain vigilant in our self-care and compliant with the advice that we are being given.
As a part of our response here at the International Headquarters, we have had to take the difficult decision to postpone our International Conference of Leaders. It is not wise to gather our Salvation Army leaders from across the world, just now. For the next weeks we have placed the moratorium of our travel for all of our staff. I have also postponed my international travel and visits over the next month. All the while regretting not being able to greet Salvationists in the eastern territory, Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar.

The other part of our responses is the way that we care for each other. And depending upon where you are in the world, it’s already a reality that you are not able to meet together for worship, or prayer, or enjoy the usual programmes. This should not mean that we disappear from each other’s lives. During these days, check on each other. Make a phone call to see how someone is doing. Drop some good stuff at somebody’s door. Find ways to demonstrate care, concern and love, and still be The Salvation Army who serves.

If you follow my social media feeds, you will have seen already a previous call for prayer. Prayer works, and it is important. The children’s song says, ‘He’s got the whole world in His hands’. I want to encourage you to pray and act. Confident of that reality. May God bless you during these days. And may God continue to bless The Salvation Army.