saying: “We give thanks to you, Lord God Almighty, the One who is and who was, because you have taken your great power and have begun to reign.
(Revelation 11:17)

Date Prayer Subjects
27/03 Legal Department
Legal Counsel: Ms. Gigi Chong
1. Please pray that God would help my mother walk again through Physiotherapy.
2, Please pray that God would cure my tracheal allergy.
28/03 Tai Po Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Winnie Keung
1. We thank God for guiding the Tai Po Corps to serve at the Queen’s Hill Outpost. As we moved our Holiness Meeting to the Outpost every second and fourth Sunday of the month since February 2023, we have around 60 participants per meeting (20 brothers and sisters from the Tai Po Corps and 20 adults and 20 children from the Queen’s Hill Outpost). The Corps has been arranging shuttle buses for these meetings, benefiting around 20 brothers and sisters.
2. We pray for our five elderly members who cannot join these meetings.
3. We pray for the serving hearts of our brothers and sisters to serve in the Corps and the Outpost.
29/03 Tsuen Wan Nursery School
School Head: Ms. Evelyn Wong
1. As the Nursery School resumes full-day face-to-face teaching in February, we pray that God would protect and bless our staff with healthy hearts, bodies, and minds to handle the teaching work and administrative arrangements. May God bless our teaching to go well. May God bless our teachers and students with health and that our students will be able to adapt to the full-day face-to-face schedule soon.
2. Given the low birth rate and the migration wave, preschool institutes are challenged with student admission. May God bless our schools to be able to meet the government’s requirement for admission in the new school year. Please bless us with wisdom and faith that the leadership would plan effective promotions and arrangements. Please protect our schools’ unity in facing future challenges.
Brasil Territory
TC: Colonel Wilson Strasse
CS: Lt-Colonel Manuel Marquez
Officers 172(A120, R52) Corps 42 Cadets9
Sr Soldiers 1,610 Jr Soldiers425 Adherents138
1. For a spiritual revival throughout the Territory.
2. For the development and challenges of the Salvationist work in Brazil.
3, For wisdom and direction for Territorial Leadership.
31/03 Tung Chung Family Support Centre
Project Leader: Ms. Apple Tsang
1. Please pray for the health of all colleagues and their families that we can have healthy mind and body to face challenges ahead.
2. Please also pray for our services. Hong Kong has experienced COVID-19 for more than 3 years. Children, teenagers, and their families have been greatly affected. Many families are facing family conflicts and economic difficulties. As colleagues of The Salvation Army, we will keep on helping users to face difficulties, and thus children and their families can rebuild a suitable environment for their growth.