saying: “We give thanks to you, Lord God Almighty, the One who is and who was, because you have taken your great power and have begun to reign.’’ (Revelation 11: 17 )

Date Prayer Subjects
28/03 Corporate Communications and Fundraising Department  
Corporate Communications and Fundraising Director: Ms Eva Chow 
1. May God’s protection be upon us during the 5th wave of pandemic
2. Pray for God’s guidance for the CCFD team to be able to adapt innovative and flexible way of working, communications, and fundraising .
3. Continue praying for the recruitment of a headcount which has been vacant for almost six months.
29/03 Tai Po Corps
Corps Officer: Major Chan Kwok Wai 
Assistant Corps Officer: Captain Winnie Keung 
1. Closure requirements of scheduled premises affecting Corps Worship Meeting from 10 Feb to 20 Apr 2022. We pray for the Lord’s Presence and Protection on the Comrades especially the online worship arrangements.
2. Pray for the health and safety of the soldiers, staff, and service users in Corps, Schools and Social Services units.
30/03 Tin Ping Nursery School
Head: Ms Pansy Hung 
1. Pray for harmony in families 
Under the pandemic, many parents and young children are spending more time together at home, resulting in more time to get along as well as conflicts. Pray for harmony among all families. May our Heavenly Father grant us peace. Pray that couples are more accepting and patient in their communication. During this period of unexpected time staying home, pray that the family relationship will improve.
2. Pray for families who have income reduced or lost their jobs during the pandemic 
During the regular communication with parents, class teachers have learnt that some of them have less income or even lost their jobs during the pandemic. May our Heavenly Father open His good treasure to help these families get food and provision during these hard times.
3. Pray for our K3 student Lee Pak-fung 
Lee Pak-fung, our K3 student, has been suffering from ‘syringomyelia’ since birth, resulting in scoliosis. Pak-fung had a cerebellum surgery in June 2021. After the surgery, he had a back rack installed at his back for support, but it caused him discomfort and affected his daily activities. After a follow-up consultation, the doctor suggested further observation for a few months. If the condition has not improved, Pak-fung may need to undergo another surgery of the cerebellum. May our Heavenly Father continue to bless Pak-fung with suitable treatment and good process of recovery for his back.
Bangladesh Command 
OC: Lt-Colonel Zothanmawia Khiangte 
GS: Captain Richard Bradbury 
Officers 98(A93/R5) Corps 32  Outposts 12   
Cadets 6 Sr Soldiers 1,306 Jr Soldiers 9,121 Adherents 594 
1. Pray for The Salvation Army ministries in Command.
2. Pray for child protection training for the trainers
3. Pray for Command Review and safe journey of IS and his team.
4. Pray for Command Leaders Conference to be held on 9-11 May.
5. Pray for “Week of Gospel Campaign” to be held on 13-18 June.
6. Pray for all Officers, Soldiers, Recruits & Adherents and Staff of the Command.