“Lord, the God of heaven, the great and awesome God, who keeps his covenant of love with those who love him and keep his commandments” (Nehemiah 1: 5)

Date Prayer Subjects
27/06 Macau District Office
District Officer: Major Jeremy Lam
1. Pray for the development of the Education Centre. May the Centre be able to keep serving SEN students while striking a balance between income and expenditure. Pray for the recruitment of a new Centre Officer.
2. To pray for the Rui Xi Integrated Services Centre for Senior Citizens. Tuesday worship has commenced since May. May all the seniors with dementia feel and know God’s love. In addition, Day Care service is in the pipeline and planned to commence in July. The purchase of materials and recruitment is under process.
3. The Choir of The Salvation Army (Macau) will resume practice in June. Pray for the Choir’s evangelical work.
4. Iao Hon Corps is preparing more activities for seniors and young people. Thank God that we have more opportunities to reach the seniors and young people in the community. May God pass the message to them personally, touch their hearts with His message, and let them turn to God so that they will receive God’s grace one day.
5. Pray that God will ignite the fire of revival among the youths in Iao Hon Corps. May God send the Holy Spirit to enlighten them and make them cherish the blessing of God. May they rely on the Holy Spirit to resist the temptations and influences of the world, to pursue and think of the Word of God in order to renew their life.
28/06 Kowloon West Outpost
Corps Officers: Major Tony Ma KT
Assistant Corps Officers: Captain Linda Fung
1. Pray that we will have sufficient people to operate the physical worship smoothly.
2. Grateful for a group of children to participate in the Sunday Children’s Worship. Pray that this year some of them will become junior soldiers, and their parents will become Recruits.
29/06 Western District Family Store
Senior Store Manager:Ms. Lo Yuen Ling, Erica
1. Pray that the pandemic will end soon. Staff and their family become healthy and the economy will be resumed. Hong Kong people will have happy and steady life.
2. May God grant us wisdom to overcome all the challenges.
Latin America North Territory
TC: Commissioner Merle Heatwole
CS: Lt-Col Agripina Gochez
Officers 188(A154/ R34) Corps 69 Cadets 22
Sr Soldiers 4,752 Jr Soldiers 2,642 Adherents 1,552
1. Accountability: We pray for our Territorial Leadership, for wisdom, appropriate governance, for people impacting mission, for excellence in our financial systems, and the fulfillment of international standards.
2. Pastoral Care: We pray for spiritual life strengthening, leadership development, Officer Training, and the Personnel Strategic Planning. We pray for our married officers and their families.
3. Women Outreach: We pray for increase in membership of Women’s Ministries within our communities, development of Community Programs for at social risk women and children, as well as fund generation for the Mission.
4. Mission Priorities: We pray for Spiritual Progress and Community Development, for Spiritual Impact and Corps Planting. We pray for quality education programs and Social Programs Development. We pray for the staff in each of our Commands. We pray for each Soldier, Junior Soldier, Adherent, Salvation Army’s friend, and the Lord’s Holy Spirit in their lives.
5. Financial Evolution: We pray for the improvement of our financial management, promotion of advertising, Corporate Relations, Marketing and Fund Generation.
6. We pray for those who committed their lives to Christ during our Congress, and particularly for those who answered the call to Officership to be faithful and follow that Calling.