For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  (John3:16)

Date Prayer Subjects
28/12 Jat Ming Nusery School
School Head: Ms. Annie Chau
1. The pandemic situation is gradually stabilizing, and most of the children are also gradually returning to full-day in school. May God help our children adapt to full-day school life and protect their health.
2. Our school will hold an open day on 3rd December. May God grant us wisdom and ability so that we can complete the preparatory work and let more people know about our school’s services.
Hong Kong and Macau Command
OC : Lt.-Colonel Bob Lee
GS: Major Minny Chan
Officers 51 (A29 /R22 ) Corps 17 Outpost 1
Sr Soldiers 2,493 Jr Soldiers 456
1. Praise the Lord that in October, the Opening of “To.gather@Sam Shing Transitional Housing” and The Salvation Army Centaline Charity Fund Queen’s Hill School commenced smoothly and joyously. Salvationists who participated the Officer Ordination and Commissioning, and the Acceptance of Candidate Meeting physically and virtually online were filled with Army spirit and excitement. To God be the Glory.
2. Pray for all Departments, Corps and Service Units of the Command as they prepare their Strategies, Programmes, Ministries and Budgets. The Command Theme in 2023 will be “We Rise Stronger Together”. Pray for our unity as One Army and strengthening by God to save souls, build saints and serving suffering humanities.
30/12 Kowloon City Family Support Centre
Team Leader : Mr. Billy Wong
1. Pray for suitable housing for grassroots families in Kowloon City: Many grassroots families are under pressure to relocate due to the launch of multiple reconstruction projects in the district. Redevelopment has also reduced the number of rental options for grassroots families, leading to higher rents and greater financial pressure on grassroots families.
2. Pray for the Kowloon City Family Support Center: In the face of the pandemic and changes in the community, I wish the Center could better respond to the needs of the community, provides appropriate services for families in the area, and serves as salt and light in the community.