There is no one like you, Lord, and there is no God but you, as we have heard with our own ears.(1 Chronicles 17: 20)

Date Prayer Subjects
26/04 Personnel Department
Secretary for Personnel: Major Connie Ip Kan Ming Chun
1. Pray that under the epidemic situation, people will get to know God and find peace, joy and hope.
2. Pray that as the Command has introduced the ‘One Spouse An Officer’ policy, more dedicated brothers and sisters will answer the calls to Officership.
27/04 Tseung Kwan O Corps
Corps Officer: Major Chan Kwok Wai
1. Pray for the Covid-19 situation. May the Lord keep all comrades in Him even we have been practising social distancing since last year.
2. Pray for the local officers. May God give them wisdom and strength to plan for the Corps programmes ahead.
3. Pray for the soldiers. May the Lord keep them safe in the economic downturn.
28/04 Pak Tin Nursery/ Pak Tin Creche
Head: Ms. Leung Tsui Fung
1. Our School and many of our students’ families are facing various changes under the current situation. May God grant our parents, young children and staff strength to cope with the changes and challenges, and bless us with peace and joy in our minds.
2. Pray that our Heavenly Father will keep all teachers and students of our School in good health. Pray that we will have an energetic and stable team to serve all the families of our School.
New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa Territory
TC: Commissioner Mark Campbell
CS: Colonel Gerald Walker
Officers 531(A263/R268) Corps 92 Cadets 22
Sr Soldiers 5,106 Jr Soldiers 925
1. The Army’s in Samoa was planted three years ago and has just had a change of Regional Leaders. We praise God for the fruitful and abundant work achieved in Samoa so far which is flourishing.
2. Pray specifically for the stronger connections because of the Alcohol & Drug treatment programme in Samoa and the Apia Corps in Samoa.
3. Fiji is a resilient Army at a time when the economy has been hit hard by the loss of tourism due to Covid-19. Please pray for the ongoing deepening of God’s work in the lives of salvationists, bringing unity and a rising up of committed leaders in the local corps.
4. Please pray for the children and youth of New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa and for the development of mission plans that result in their lives being firmly founded on Jesus Christ.
5. Pray for NZFTS as a territory of four nations disconnected by border closures and quarantine restrictions, yet seeking to be united Army – one in mission and purpose. We are grateful for the technology that allows ready communication.
6. Pray for a renewal of our life in Christ as we discover again the power of prayer during 2021. We have been called to MAKE ROOM; COME ASIDE; COME TOGETHER.
30/04 Nam Tai Centre For Senior Citizens
In-charge: Ms. Bonnie Sin Chui Ping
1. Pray for the sick and infected. May God heal and help them. Sustain their bodies and spirits. May God contain the spread of infection.
2. Pray for elders who feel isolated, anxious, and helpless. May God provide them with every necessary support.