By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. (John13:35)

Date Prayer Subjects
22/05 Social Services Department
Social Service Director: Ms. Chan Siu Lai
1. The leadership team of the Social Services Department is undergoing strategic planning. May we be united and stay open in the discussion to set strategies and make plans for the coming three years so we can effectively bring quality and influential social services to people in need, giving them hope and transforming their lives.
2. In the past few years, Hong Kong went through the pandemic and some big social changes, affecting people’s physical, psychological, and mental health. Please pray for their health and well-being so they can have peace and hope in any circumstances.
23/05 Kowloon Central Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Joyce Lam
Assistant Corps Officer: Lt. Patrick Ho
1. The community ‘Enjoy the Moment Music Training’ saw five children deciding to accept God after the evangelical service. We are now adding elements of ‘Gospel in Five Colours’ to our activity to facilitate evangelism. If God allows, we hope they will be prepared to become our Junior Soldiers in the second half of 2023.
2. The new series of parents’ English classes has begun. May God bless the seeds we planted in this ministry.
3. Please pray for our summer youth exchange camp and summer day camp. May God utilise this period of time to bring non-believers to God so they can learn more about God.
May our Corps Officer, Local Officers, and ministries leaders will be united in serving God. May God rise up new leaders to cultivate the new generation.
24/05 Shek Wu School
Head:Ms. Addy Cheung
1. Please pray that carers committed to serving children of the Shek Wu School will be cared for and protected by God.
2. In these crooked generations, we pray that God would look after those who persist in teaching, that their work will be filled with grace and they will see God’s love and grace at work. We pray that they can meet the needs of families in lack of support, in terms of their physical and mental health, so they will know God as the Lord of our lives and overcome difficulties with faith, hope, and love.
Hong Kong and Macau Territory
TC: Colonel Philip Maxwell
CS: Major Minny Chan
Officers 51 (A27 / R24) Cadets 1 Corps 17 Outpost 1
Sr Soldiers 2,492 Jr Soldiers 514 Adherents 21
1. Pray for the Government of Hong Kong and the Government of Macau to move forward after the COVID-19.
2. With more Officers retiring in the next three years, pray for soldiers who will listen and obey to God’s calling for ministry.
3. Pray for the Leadership Team to have wisdom on continue challenge towards better governance and clear long-term strategy.