Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. (Ephesians 1: 3)

Date Prayer Subjects
22/03 Internal Audit
Internal Audit Manager: Ms. Agnes, Ng Wai Yin
1. Pray for smoothly working with different departments.
2. Pray that COVID-19 will not affect our work too much.
23/03 Melody Corps
Corps Officer: Major David, Ip Kam Yuen
1. While the coronavirus is still going strong, may God continue to grant all our brothers and sisters’ peace and good health. Pray for smooth running of all online Holiness Meetings, fellowship and other meetings, so that we may continue to nurture the spiritual life of our brothers and sisters.
2. This year, Melody Corps is celebrating its 5th anniversary, with a theme of ‘Read the Bible Together, Pray in One Accord, and Love One Another’. May God guide us to move towards this goal. Bless for the planning and smooth running of all the activities.
24/03 Tin Ping Nursery School
Head: Ms. Hung Mei Ying
1. Pray for the mother of an N4 student. This mother has just learnt that she is pregnant and expecting her third child. This should be a joyful news. However, her family member is in poor health and cannot help taking care of this third child of the family. Also, they do not want to hire another domestic helper. Now the mother is very anxious. May our Heavenly Father grant this family wisdom and peace of mind and protect this new life.
2. Pray for an N3 student who fell and hurt his right foot at home and his wound needs a cast. May our Heavenly Father heal this young child and bless him with speedy recovery.
Denmark and Greenland Territory
TC: Lt.-Colonel Christina Jeppsson
CS: Major Jan Risan
Officers 81(A35/R46) Corps 23
Sr Soldiers 797 Jr Soldiers 9
1. Thanksgiving: Please join us in our thanksgiving to the Lord – To date we have had very few of our staff, among officers and members affected and sick with Covid-19. Therefore we have been able during (and still ongoing) the pandemic to provide ministry – spiritual as well as hands on in social assistance – on same level as before. Despite the difference, the reach out is almost the same. For that we are both humble and thankful for the Lord’s protection. We pray that we will come out not weaker but even stronger in faith as the Lord is merciful.
2. Pray for “the return”: An urgent prayer request – that once it’s possible to meet in real life we will be able to again gather our children, youth and families. The Children and Youth department works hard to maintain contacts by creating web-based events as well as ongoing teaching and creative materials for small groups to meet virtual. We pray that this creates a longing for a return to physical interactions and worship again when possible. Although we have been able to meet for physical worship it has been under strong restrictions and is difficult to adjust for children and youth work, as this age group hasn’t been able to see and meet each other and leaders for a long time now. Pray for “the return”.
3. The territorial strategic mission plan (2020-2024): Please join us in prayer –
that we will remain true to, and embrace what’s in and behind the words “to bring Hope and Life in Jesus”. Behind the overall mission statement there are a few key identities as well as key areas we target. We pray for wisdom as processes start up and/or continue. We pray for persistence in and trust that “the good work that (the Lord) has begun will carry on…”
4. The call to mission, workers for the kingdom:
We are happy for prayer support in the upcoming focus –
“find and accept Gods calling upon your life”. The need of workers, officers and committed soldiers/members for Gods kingdom is urgent. We seek God’s creativity in this matter.
5. The Salvation Army at Greenland: We are thankful for your prayer support –
as we take next steps forward with the ministry in Greenland. It was established in 2012 and has continuously developed. The work has developed into a beautiful (little) corps with an integrated vibrant social centre giving outstanding support to various needs including spiritual. Just half a year ago we were finally able to identify a youth worker working alongside with the corps officers. We pray for a “breakthrough” for the gospel for all generations, not at least among youngsters from vulnerable contexts. The use of drugs is unfortunately high so the mission statement ‘bringing hope and a new life in and with Jesus’ is most relevant.
26/03 Kwun Tong Integrated Home Care Service Team
In-charge: Ms. Iris, Chan Sau Wai
Our unit provides door-to-door services to elders living in the community. Under the pandemic, may God keep our colleagues in good health and with peace of mind. Also pray for the elders we serve. Most of them are frail and living alone. May God keep and protect them.