Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. (Corinthian 9:7)

Date Subjects
19/07 Divisional Headquarters
Divisional Commander : Major Alice Tam Law Wai Fong
1. Pray for the officers with change of appointments in July. May God grant them grâce and wisdom to better serve God in their new appointments.
2. Pray that the Corps may organise certain summer activities under the pandemic. Grant all participants good health and that they may learn about faith through the activities.
20/07 Melody Corps
Corps Officer: Major David Ip Kam Yuen
1. The situation of COVID-19 comes out to be more stable. The Corps function will be resumed step by step. We pray that the Lord will keep us safe and healthy. May the Lord strengthen our faith. Keep our hearts fervent. Make our spirits alive.
2. We pray that the Lord will guide our community services as we keep on running the Community Centre and Holistic Wellness Hub. The needs of those who come can be met. They may come to know about the good news through our service.
21/07 Prince Edward Family Store
Senior Store Manager: Ms Fanny Chan Yuen Fan
1. Pray that the epidemic will pass as soon as possible and our lives will return to normal.
2. Pray that colleagues work smoothly and in good health.
USA Eastern Territory
TC: Commissioner William A. Bamford
CS: Colonel Philip Maxwell
Officers 1,665(A993/R672) Envoy 23Corps 348 Cadets 62
Sr Soldiers 25,842 Jr Soldiers 9,762
1. For our Territorial Vision “Together with One Accord”:
a. For unity of purpose – that we, as the USA Eastern Territory will “find our upper room” and come “together with one accord” – in preparation for another Pentecost (Acts 2:1).
b. For a Great Awakening – that we would prepare for a Blood & Fire, Territory-wide revival. We pray that this would lead to the eternal transformation of every individual and the temporal reformation of every community within reach of The Salvation Army in the USA Eastern Territory.
2. For the newly commissioned Lieutenants and the communities in which they will serve. For the second-year cadets in their summer assignments and the accepted cadets entering training at CFOT.
3. For our worldwide Army that we become agents of reconciliation and peace in countries and places in conflict.
23/07 Bradbury Camp
Service Supervisor : Mr. Ben Tsang Wing Hong
1. We pray for the unit to overcome the challenges and effects of Covid-19 such as utilisation and financial sustainability.
2. We pray for good health for our unit’s staff to serve our campers.