And all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. (Romans 3: 24)

Date Prayer Subjects
24/01 Macau District
District Officer: Major Jeremy Lam
1. Pray for collaboration and resources coordination among all units of Macau District, so that we may effectively respond to the needs of the community and have more opportunities to spread the Gospel.
2. Following the development of ministries in Macau, the management system and policies need to be localised, which have begun since 2021. Pray that this process will complete in 2022.
25/01 Kam Tin Corps
Corps Officer: Major Alfred Wong
Associate Corps Officer: Major Agatha Wong
1. The Corps’ objective for the year is ‘Grow Saints’. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide our brothers and sisters to clearly identify their spiritual conditions and open to discipline and guidance, so that they may make progress in different aspects of their lives.
2. Pray for the service of our chaplains of our school and residence. May God open wide the way to the Gospel, so that our Corps Officers, Local Officers and Soldiers may enter the field in one accord as they witness the power of the Gospel to people of all ages.
26/01 Lei Muk Shue Nursery School
School Head: Ms. Cherri Chan
1. Pray that our loving Heavenly Father keep our school children, parents and staff in good health in their study or work. May all learn about our Father’s saving grace and renew their strength in His grace.
2. We pray earnestly for the people being affected by the pandemic and wars. Pray that people around world will care and love one another and be willing to offer treatment and medication. May our Heavenly Father heal us. Pray that people will be more loving and united to reveal peace of God.
Democratic Republic of CongoTerritory
TC:Colonel Daniel Moukoko
CS: Colonel Innocent Peter Kwenda
Officers 489(A362/R127) Corps 201 Cadets 40
Sr Soldiers 33,397 Jr Soldiers 20,436 Adherents 5,253 
1. Please pray for spiritual awakening throughout the Territory of the DRC. May God sanctify the Salvationists and let those who are sanctified sanctify themselves even more. Those who are born again sanctify themselves; but let those who are not saved be delivered from the grip of the devil and be saved by faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.
2. Please pray that Officers and Soldiers will live the Word of God they preach and according to God’s will and that the behaviours of many will be transformed and changed.
3. Pray that the Corps remaining without Officers will be filled after the training of the Officers and by many responses to the calls addressed by God to the Soldiers.
28/01 Tung Chung Family Support Centre
In Charge: Ms. Tsang Yuen Kwan
1. For the Health of all colleagues and their families, hope we can have healthy mind and body to face challenges ahead.
2. Pray for our services. After the social unrest and COVID-19, there is a social gap between people, many of us do not trust each other, we wish to re-engage with the community and further help them to rebuild Trust among their families .