‘She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, fbecause he will save his people from their sins.”(Matthew1:21)

Date Prayer Subjects
19/12 Booth Lodge
Operation Manager : Kamen Lo
1. Pray that every staff and guest keep healthy everyday;
2. Hope that Booth Lodge could keep good business in the coming year;
3. Pray that Booth Lodge could have enough man-power soon.
20/12 Wan Chai Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Gideon Yue
Associate Corps Officer: Captain Alice Yue
1. Please pray earnestly for the relocation of the Wanchai Corps and the future development of the ministry and ask the Lord to lead.
2. Pray that the Lord will move the hearts of brothers and sisters to pray fervently, make sacrifices, and work hard to participate in various gospel ministries.
3. Pray for a vision from the Lord, and a heart of unity for the brothers and sisters in the army to do the work that pleases God.
21/12 Hoi Fu Nursery School
School Head : Ms. Tan Fung Chi
1. This year, there are more SEN children enrolled and cared for. Pray for our teachers to have enough wisdom to plan appropriate strategies of the activity to help the children grow; Pray that our teachers could have enough rest and maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit to serve our stakeholders.
2. We give thanks that in the teacher fellowship held in October, three non-believer teaching staff willingly shared their prayer concerns. Pray that God will continue to soften their hearts, experience the love of the Lord and believe in the Lord in the near future soon.
USA Western Territory
TC: Commissioner Douglas F. Riley
CS: Colonel Eddie Vincent
Officers 1,095(A586/R509) Corps 234 Cadets 27
Sr Soldiers 16,371 Jr Soldiers 3,516 Adherents 4,091
1. Revival – Pray along with us, for spiritual revival in our Territory. We believe we are in the midst of it and want to continue to be faithful to God through all He calls us to do.
2. Candidates – Pray for men and women to continue to answer the call from God to full time service in The Salvation Army as Officers.
3. Officers – Please pray that God will continue to bless and equip our Officers as they serve each day to bring hope and the good news of Jesus Christ each and every day.
23/12 Ngau Tam Mei Community Development Project
Person in-charge : Mr. Kenneth Leung
1. Pray for our service users, especially the elderly living in the rural area to be healthy
2. Pray for good health to our service team and their families.