it is written in Isaiah the prophet: “I will send my messenger ahead of you, who will prepare your way,”  “a voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him.’ ”  (Mark1:2-3)

Date Prayer Subjects
20/12 Executive Office:
OC: Lt-Colonel Bob Lee
GS:Major Minny Chan
1. Pray for the visitation of global leaders General Brian Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle, World President of Women’s Ministries to Hong Kong and Macau Command in October 2022. We pray for the smooth arrangements of all the preparatory works.
2. May God bless all Officers, Soldiers, co-workers, colleagues and service users. Pray that the joy and encouragement from our God come upon all of us. Let us Rebuild, Restore and Renew together in the Lord and glorify our God.
21/12 Tung Chung Corps
Corps Officer: Major Tommy Chan
Associate Corps Officer: Major Helina Chan
1. Pray for the development of Sunday School ministries to be held on Saturdays. May fellow Soldiers deepen their learning in the Bible.
2. Pray for the implementation of Corps-School Unity and holistic service.
22/12 Catherine Booth Nursery School
School Head: Ms. Joanna Chan:
1. Thank God for His keeping and protection. As the pandemic situation is slowing down in Hong Kong, children can return to school for face-to-face classes where they can learn, play and live with their peers and have a close relationship and connection with others. May God continue to lead us. Grant us good health and wisdom to build a fruitful learning experience for our children.
2. May God bless all service units of The Salvation Army and all the families we serve. Pray for peace and stability every day. May we build a peaceful and harmonious relationship among us, so that we can all respect and trust one another as we gather together in a spirit of mutual help and love.
Mali Region
RC: Major Herve M. Ahouyanganga
RS: Captain Andre M.B. Togo
Officers 17 Envoy 9 Corps 20 Outpost 14
Sr Soldiers 660 Jr Soldiers 277 Adherents 131
1. Thank God for the Ssafe arrival of the majors Wanyonyi and family.
2. Thank God for the expansion of the work in Mali particularly the opening of the new out-post of Kati, Missabougou, Bacodjikoroni and the 3 news sections.
3. Prayer for Evangelism in this hard area (Burkina and Mali)
4. Thank God for the safe return of the regional leaders after one month of leave in Brazza-Ville.
5. Prayer for the people to accept the Covid-19 vaccine and to be vaccinated.
Tai Po Integrated Services for Young People
Person in-charge: Ms. Kennis Ngai
1. Pray for health of our colleagues especially the workmen who are suffering from body pain. Pray that they will recover as soon as possible.
2. Pray for Hong Kong under an unpredictable wave of Coronavirus Pandemic and we hope the situation can become stable.
3. Pray for our children and youth who are suffering from emotional distress. We hope that we can approach them, providing service to support them and help them overcome.