There is no one like you, Lord, and there is no God but you, as we have heard with our own ears. (1 Chronicles 17: 20)

Date Prayer Subjects
17/10 Information Technology Department
Information Technology Director: Mr. Jacob Chik
Petition :
1. Please pray that the Lord will keep our IT colleagues and their family members healthy.
2. We pray for God’s grace and wisdom as we support the Command’s IT systems for the mission of the Army.
18/10 Kowloon East Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Billy Lam
Petition :
1. We give thanks for the 30th anniversary of the Corps, and ask the Lord to revive our soldiers and comrades, and continue to fight for the Lord;
2. Pray that the Lord will allow us to set up a fellowship of secondary school students to shepherd the secondary school students in our Corps and our Children’s Home;
3. Pray for the children’s Sunday school, asking the Lord to give love and wisdom to the teachers to shepherd and care for the children.
19/10 CCF Yau Tong Kindergarten
School Head: Ms. Tong Ying Yan
1. Pray that all the staff, students and parents have a healthy body and have the strength to resist the virus. Pray that God will bless the families who are sick, suffering, and have various difficulties, especially the physical and mental development of young children, so that the suffering can be relieved.
2. Pray for the admission situation of Yau Tong Kindergarten that and at God’s help, teachers can be empowered to promote the school’s admission work, so that parents can get to know better the school and enroll their children to our Kindergarten. May God bless the hard work of the staff and be rewarded by Him.
The Netherlands, Czech Republic and SlovakiaTerritory
TC: Commissioner Hannelise Tvedt
CS: Colonel Donna Evans
Officers 297(A105/R192) Corps 64 Outpost 18 Cadets 5
Sr Soldiers 3,427 Jr Soldiers 365 Adherents 1,223
1. For TSA Church in Netherlands – Recent study shows that less than 50% of the Dutch population regards themselves as religious. Pray for wisdom and creativity to reach society with the Gospel.
2. For TSA Church in Czech Republic Pray – for God’s wisdom and obedience to His guidance in bringing men and women to Christ for salvation.
3. For TSA Chruch in Slovakia – for new (additional) servants (servants according to God’s heart) for work in Slovakia (both officers and teachers, social work …).
21/10 Chuk Yuen Centre for Children and Youth
Service Supervisor: Ms Leung Po King
1. Thank you God for blessing our summer programs held in this challenging period and we had connected more children and youth during this summer. Hope that we can stay connected with them and provide adequate support and timely intervention for the young people especially supporting children adapting to the new school life with good learning and emotional well-being.
2. Pray for the front-line workers have love and passion in serving our community. Give them strength and keep them safe.
3. Since the virus is going to pose a risk to people, and it’s probably going to get worse again in the fall and winter. Hope we can stay connect the people in the community and we can continue to work with the Corps to promote spiritual care.