‘’May all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you; May those who long for your saving help always say, “The Lord is great!”(Psalm 70:4)

Date Prayer Subjects
18/10 SALT Centre
Oversight : Major Raymond Cho
1. Pray for the operation and manpower arrangement of SALT. Pray that the Centre will continue to run smoothly and help fellow Soldiers as they grow in faith.
2. May God grant our colleagues wisdom and strength to continue organising the items collected at SALT over the years. May the collection be a well-kept record of the Army’s past ministries and an encouragement for Soldiers to fulfill their mission with passion.
19/10 Kowloon City Corps
Corps Officer: Major Alice Tam (Oversight)
1. Pray for the programme to encourage our people to take part in daily devotion.
2. Pray for the various maintenances and renovation. Pray that our people can have better facilities where they can worship God and fellowship with each other.
20/10 Chan Kwan Tung Kindergarten
Headmistress: Ms. Mak Miu Ling
1. Due to the impacts of the epidemic and migration, this year’s admissions are not ideal. It is hoped that the admission situation will improve in future.
2. In this difficult period, pray that all staff of Chan Kwan Tung Kindergarten will have the wisdom and courage to overcome the challenges of the future.
Japan Territory
TC: Colonel Stephen Morris
CS: Lt.-Colonel Tamotsu Nishimura
Officers 162(A67 /R95) Corps 41 Cadets 3
Sr Soldiers 2,199 Jr Soldiers 93
1. Need for Workers
With 41 corps and 12 outposts in the territory, DHQs are giving oversight in 12 corps due to shortage of officers and lay workers.  We hoped to receive support from international personnel, but this has been challenging with closed border due to Covid.
2. Colonels Stephen and Wendy Morris were appointed as new territorial leaders in April, but as of 9 September, they have not been able to enter the country due to closed border. Please pray so that they are able to demonstrate good leadership from the remote location, and that senior leaders in Japan be strengthened to ‘hold the fort’ during the physical absence of the territorial leaders.
3. For the salvation of young people, their growth and leadership development. Many young Christians are working in The Salvation Army as employees.  Please pray for them that they will not be content with the given circumstance, but continue to grow in their faith and seek to respond to the call of God on their lives.
4. For the two hospitals and 15 social centres. In this pandemic, all the staff are working very hard in challenging circumstances.  Please pray for strength and protection over them.
22/10 Ngau Tam Mei CDP
Person I/C: Mr. Kenneth Leung
1. Pray that our service team members are in good health and have strength to help the needy families in the rural area and stand with them.
2. Pray for our service team and their families to be healthy.