I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. (Roman 12:1)

Date Prayer Subjects
16/05 Finance Department
Finance Director :Ms. Helen Wong
1. Praise God for keeping us healthy and joyful.
2. Pray that we remember to seek God’s help during difficult times and challenges.
3. Pray that we have faith in God.
17/05 English Speaking Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Maria Cecilia Codoy
1. Continue to pray for the online ministry for ESC Comrades.
2. Pray for the reaching out ministry (Doing Something) of ESC to comrades and other Foreign Domestic Workers who are displaced and have no place to go at this time of restrictions for the church to accommodate them. Pray that in this difficult time, they will continue to feel God’s love and care.
3. Pray that the ministry and work of ESC will continue while we are looking for a new place for worship. Let the provision of a new place become an opportunity to thrive and bring more souls to Jesus.
18/05 Lam Butt Chung Memorial School
Head : Mr. Tany Chan
1. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused economic downturn and rising unemployment, and the lower-income and disadvantaged groups have suffered the most during the past few months. A majority of the School students’ families fall in this group. Parents have submerged many negative emotional symptoms facing the constant financial difficulties and thus posing intense stress to their children, which in turn affect our students’ growth and study.
2. The School originally planned for the 20th Anniversary Celebration on 30 June 2022. With the sudden change of the School Holiday arrangement, the School is seeking wisdom from our Lord for the best ways to manage all these chaotic changes and preparatory work for this event. The School wishes to express our deepest thanksgiving from our hearts and provide the best work from our hands, and may His name be glorified on earth.
Ghana Territory
TC: Colonel Samuel Amponsah
CS: Lt-Colonel Friday S. Ayanam
Officers 285(A221/ R64) Aux-Capts 31 Envoy 5 Corps 132 Outpost 168
Sr Soldiers 21,877 Jr Soldiers 4,839 Adherents 20
1. Thank God for the triumph of His word in our lives which has been so evident in our lives individually and corporately as Salvationists.
2. Let us pray the Territorial Commander and the TPWM because they have a lot to do as the CS & TSWM are yet not in.
3. Pray that all Salvationists will get to know and be sensitive to the Territorial Strategic plan in everything they do, especially our Corps, societies, and the various commands.
4. Pray for the success of our Centenary Congress in August this year with the visit of General Brian Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle.
5. Pray for leadership at all levels.
6. Pray for spiritual revival.
7. Pray for development of Youth Work.
20/05 Walking in Love-Support Children with Special Needs
Service Supervisor: Ms. Vinette Cheung
1. Pray for good health in the body, mind and soul of all our colleagues, service users and their families.
2. Pray for suitable candidates to join us and strengthen our team.