Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. (Jerimiah 29: 12)

Date Prayer Subjects
17/05 Recycling Department
Recycling Programme Director: Mr. Kenny Chan Kwok Ming
1. One of our delivery staff got hurt on his finger when conducting the delivery works a few weeks ago. Up till now, he is still on his sick leaves until mid-May. May God bless him and let him recover soon.
2. Our Marketing colleague, Dennis Ng received a comprehensive body check in the hospital for whole night in April. Give thanks for the results were all good. May God bless him and comfort him.
18/05 Wanchai Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Gideon Yue
Associate Corps Officer: Captain Alice, Yue Lee Choi Ling
1. Pray for the redevelopment project of Wanchai Corps in the future. May God guide us and prepare a place that is pleasing to God to expand His Kingdom.
2. Pray for our leaders. May God grant them wisdom and understanding to make decisions according to God’s will.
Finland and Estonia Territory
TC: Colonel Patrick Naud
CS: Major Saga Lippo
Officers 121(A38/R83) Corps 28 Cadets 4
Sr Soldiers 714 Jr Soldiers 26
1. For spiritual maturity and Holiness, that lives and hearts be opened to a deep revival by the mighty Spirit of God.
a. For all members, to be focused on the mission, have passion and courage to share the joyful message of Jesus, have a powerful spiritual/Kingdom impact on the people around them, invite many to come into a loving relationship with Jesus, and become his disciples.
b. For new creative and innovative expressions of faith, openings of new corps and outposts, welcoming new families, children and youth. c. For new members: soldiers, junior soldiers, local officers, adherents.
d. For our social leaders and employees, for their appreciated service and engagement in the mission.
2. We praise God for our cadets and those who have responded to God’s call for full-time ministry as officers. Let us pray for more salvationists to consider God’s call, for new candidates and future cadets.
3. As we live in this ongoing challenging time of pandemic, we pray that, those who are struggling and experiencing various dramatic situations, our loved ones, families and friends, colleagues and neighbors, experience God’s love, find comfort and new hope.
21/05 Po Lam Residence For Senior Citizens
Service Supervisor: Mr. Francis Au
1. Pray for our senior residents and their families. May God continue to keep and protect us. Despite the various restrictions during the pandemic, pray that we can continue to support one another and have peace of mind.
2. Pray for residents, family and staff who suffer from illnesses. May God guide them to remain hopeful in illness. Pray for their speedy recovery.
3. Pray for all staff members of Po Lam Residence for Senior Citizens. May God guide them to cope with the daily challenges in their work, so that they may prepare a cozy and clean environment, where the elderly can spend their twilight years in dignity and abundance.
4. Pray for Ms Chui Kit-fun, Assistant Service Supervisor of Po Lam Residence for Senior Citizens on her retirement. May God bless Ms Chui with a carefree, peaceful and joyful retirement life.