Date Prayer Topics

District Officer: Major Sara, Tam Mei Shun

Prayer Topics :

1.       Children’s ministry has been delayed due to the virus outbreak.

2.        Smooth implementation of speech therapy.


Corps Officer : Major David, Ip Kam Yuen

Associate Corps Officer : Lt. Joyce, Lee Noi Yan

Prayer topics :

1.     The Corps is resuming various meetings soon. May God grant us wisdom and understanding to handle all arrangements for the resumption properly. Also pray that God will encourage our brothers and sisters to be enthusiastic in coming to the House of the Lord and worship together.

2.     K1 and K2 classes will not be resumed this school year. May God grant the young children to grow in their body and mind. Also pray that parents are strengthened to take care of them and face the exceptional situation together


Head: Ms. Chiu Mei Yuk

Prayer Topics :

1.     Thank God for giving us an attentive team who has been working hard for our children, parents and the school. May God bless them and grant them wisdom and a lively heart to face all challenges and overcome the difficulties together.

2.     Thank God for our children and their parents continue to support our school and teachers during the period of epidemic. May God grant them good health and peace of mind to overcome all challenges and difficulties caused by the epidemic.



TC: Colonel Daniel Raju Dasari

CS: Lt.-Colonel J Daniel J Raj

Officers (A401/R103) Corps 171 Cadets 20

Sr Soldiers 72,808 Jr Soldiers 5,385

Prayer Topics :

1.       Messengers of the Kingdom session 2018-2020 should have been commissioned in April, unfortunately, it became impossible due to Covid-19 induced nationwide lockdown and we hope to be commissioning them in the third week of June.

2.       The financial resources have become a great challenge throughout the territory, particularly for corps officers who raise funds for allowance and local needs by conducting meetings in the halls, but the Government has imposed restrictions on religious gatherings since 25 March 2020.

3.       Social distancing has been impossible to those living in small houses with more than five members in the family and the Government reiterates this much needed norm to be strictly adhered to. Besides, many villagers are forced to become jobless, when they as migrant workers returned homes.

4.       Territorial Reviews and Assessment of corps by being with the Divisions and districts could not happen as planned, due to restriction of interstate movements within the territory which is likely to resume whenever eased.

5.       We would face a huge challenge for Social Appeal, Self-Denial and Harvest funds while the nation is facing currently economic challenges.

6.       We could not help young people and children with resource materials for Vacation Bible School except through online to inspire and encourage them with Bible lessons.

7.       Movement of officers is necessary in corps and institutions. Sadly, though orders have been sent to them in March a month ahead, they had to be cancelled and the officers have to cope with the existing environments and continue to serve the community.

8.       We were unable to print periodicals such as The War Cry and The Young Soldier for Salvationists. We could only send them electronically, though soldiers normally cannot have access to these periodicals.


(Youth, Family & Community Services)

Unit-in-charge: Ms. Hau Suk Man, staff and those benefit from the programme

Prayer Topics :

1.       Pray for the elders and their families to have good health in a time of pandemic.

2.        Pray for our colleagues and partners to have wisdom to join hands to provide support to elders in need.