Date Prayer Topics
Development Director: Mr. Wilfred Leung Chi Hang
Prayer Topics:

  1. Please pray for the continued collaboration and development with the community and corporate partners.
  2. Pray for the planning and preparation for the upcoming fundraising events and volunteer activities, the participation and interaction with the individual supporters and corporate partners.
Corps Officer: Major Norris Cheung Yuen Mei
Associate Corps Officer: Major Tony Ma Kin Tung
Praise :

  1. We thank God that our Corps has the opportunity through the community activities to come in contact with grassroot families, serving them with Jesus’ love and sharing the Good News with them.

Prayer Topics:

  1. Pray for the comrades of the Kowloon City Corps. Pray that the Lord will keep us healthy in our body, mind and soul, serving Him with added strength.
Head: Ms. Leung Tsui Fung
Prayer topics :

  1. The school year is ending soon. May all K3 students will soon adapt to new school life and make new friends after promoting to Primary 1. May the seeds of the Holy Spirit work in their hearts, Pray that they will not go astray as they grow up. Always live with love and God-given peace and joy.
  2. Pray that God will keep all teachers and students in good health. May all of us stay healthy and stable as a team. Bless the various preparation for the new school year. May the Spirit work with us, so that all the welcome activities may run smoothly, helping the children to enjoy a school life.
OC: Lt.-Colonel Philip Davisson
GS : Major Rafael Giusti
Officers (A41/R3) Corps 17
Sr Soldiers 409 Jr Soldiers 61
Technology that helps us navigate through the COVID-19 Pandemic.  As elsewhere in the world we have been able to creatively connect with our Corps people and the Communities we live and work in.

Call to Full-Time Ministry – We have four from Spain and two from Portugal who have made it clear they have a call to officership.  We believe we have more that will soon response.
Blessings that we see from the Officers, Soldiers, and Employees doing their part to love God and love their neighbour.

Prayer Topics

Continued Protection  – for Corps Officers and Employees who are working the front-lines in Institutions (Portugal), Food Pantries (Spain and Portugal) and helping their Corps people through virtual meetings and phone conversations.

Finances – that we will be able to weather this difficult time financially with the already limited resources we currently have.

Spiritual Strength and Wellness – May God continue to give us what we need daily to walk in this world.

Programme – as we start to re-open up our ministries locations, communities, and borders, may we be wise on how to proceed, slowly and carefully.

17/7 SUNRISE HOUSE (Youth, Family & Community Services)
Hostel Manager: Mr. Ho Cheung Tin, staff and those benefit from the programme
Prayer topics :

  1. May God grant the staff of Sunrise House with wisdom to handle all challenges they face at work, especially when there are more and more residents with mental illnesses.
  2. May God bless the residents of Sunrise House. Pray that they can cope with unemployment, family and health problems amid the epidemic.