Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift! (2 Corinthians 9:15)

Date Prayer Subjects
14/02 Recycling Program
Recycling Program Director: Mr. Kenny Chan
1. Pray that the staff will have good health and wisdom to face challenges ahead.
2. Pray for suitable candidates to fill the vacancies and joint efforts to take forward environmental mission.
15/02 Kowloon City Corps
Corps Officer: Cadet- Lt. Patrick Ho
1. Pray for the Corps’ development in the coming year. May fellow Local Officers work together in one accord in the spirit of ‘Heart to God, Hand to Man’.
2. Pray that our community service will bring more people to know The Salvation Army and turn to our Lord, the giver of new life, in this new year.
3. Pray for the 10 newly enrolled Soldiers. May God help them grow in love into vessels God can use.
4. Pray for all members who made their commitment on the Covenant Sunday. Pray that with the guidance and advice of the Holy Spirit, they will come closer to God in this new year.
5. Pray for families that have migrated abroad. Pray that they will adapt to their new life and find a spiritual home soon.
6. The Corps premises have been affected by water seepage for years. Last year we even experienced sewage backups in the Corps. May God give us a suitable solution so that we may have a safe and comfortable place for our meetings.
16/02 Ming Tak Nursery School
Head: Ms. Cheung Man Lai
1. Pray that the global pandemic will slow down soon. Pray for good health for everyone. May the world resume normal life soon.
2. In the year 2022, pray for good health in the body, mind and soul of our children, parents and staff members of our School. Pray that we all have the faith and strength to meet the challenges in a new year.
Mozambique Terrritory
TC: Colonel Moses Wandulu
CS: Lt-Colonel Mario AJ Nhacumba
Officers 56(A53/R3) Envoy 4 Corps 53 Outpost 45
Sr Soldiers 6,466 Jr Soldiers 1,364 Adherent 108
1. Thank God for his love, guidance and protection during 2021
2. Pray for God’s blessings upon His work in the new year 2022
3. Pray for preparations for the General’s visit in March
4. Pray for youth to offer themselves for officership
5. Pray for continued peace and stability in the north of the Country
18/02 Yaumatei Integrated Service for the Young People
Service Supervisor: Mr. Ho Chung Ho
1. Our Centre is having our annual review and planning. May God grant us wisdom and a sensitive mind to understand the needs and challenges of our young people and their family, so that we may provide services that best suit them in the new year.
2. There are many ethnic minority children in our Centre. Despite their efforts trying to integrate into the community, very often they face many challenges due to differences in language and culture. May God grant them strength to help them fit in to the community. Pray that more Chinese people will open up to understand them and take the initiative to bridge the distance with them.