But you, Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness. (Psalm 86: 15)

Date Prayer Subjects
17/04 Personnel Department
Secretary for Personnel: Major Connie Ip
1. Pray for the physical and spiritual health of existing Officers, both active and retired.
2. Pray for more soldiers to respond for Officership.
18/04 Wanchai Corps
Corps Officers: Captains Gideon Yue and Alice Yue
1. Please pray for the reconstruction of the Wanchai Corps in 2025. May God guide us with appropriate arrangements and clear paths.
2. May God strengthen the hearts of brothers and sisters. Though the future seems unclear, we would persist to wait for God’s plans in faith.
19/04 Wo Che Nursery School
School Head:Ms. Seto Yee Man
1. Recently, many students at our schools got sick. Please pray for the health of our colleagues and students.
2. The school will host many outdoor activities in the coming months. Please pray we can have great weather so participants can enjoy the activities comfortably.
Australia Territory
TC: Commissioner Miriam Gluyas
CS: Colonel Winsome Merrett
Officers 1,576 (A668 / R908) Envoys 14 Corps 287 Cadets 14
Sr Soldiers 12,336 Jr Soldiers 1,635 Adherents 3,944
1. That as The Salvation Army Territory we will become Jesus-centred, Spirit-led and God’s Hope revealed
2. For faith to increase
3. For a real reliance on God
4. Salvations, and disciples who make disciples who make disciples
6. A godly strategy about making leaders into the future
21/04 Heng On Hostel
Assistant Service Supervisor: Mr. Lam Tze Him
1. Please pray that God will guide the newly launched Pilot Project on One-stop Services for Ageing Service Users of Hostel for Moderately Mentally Handicapped Persons (HMMH). May God lead the nursing home to make the best of government-given resources flexibly to provide quality services for our residents.
2. Please pray for our elderly and physically weak residents. May God bless and comfort everyone so that our residents can experience God-given peace.