And all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. (Romans 3: 24)

Date Prayer Subjects
12/04 Macau District
District Officer: Major Sara Tam
1. Pray for preparation for the Rui Xi Integrated Services Centre for Senior Citizens; which provides residential care and day care for elderly suffering from dementia. Pray for recruitment of suitable staff.
2. Pray for the development of the TSA Children Choir, that more children will be recruited and benefit from the music ministry. We aim to have 15 to 20 children.
13/04 Tai Hang Tung Corps
Corps Officer: Major Peter Cho Kam Wah
Associate Corps Officer: Major Cho Mok Lai Ching
1. Pray that fellow Soldiers continue to be steadfast, trust in God and rely on Him in the epidemic situation.
2. Pray that God will be with us, touch our hearts and give us strength to care about other lives that He loves. Pray for the grace of the Lord Jesus upon them.
14/04 Wo Che Nursery School
Head: Ms. Leung Shuk Yin
1. Give thanks that our School has resumed half-day face-to-face lessons for the entire school starting from 8 March.
2. May God grant us smooth running of the school, so that all young children may continue coming to school every day despite the epidemic situation.
3. Pray for good health and safety for all students and staff.
4. With only limited time for half day’s face-to-face teaching, may God grant our teachers wisdom and understanding as they prepare their lesson plans.
Bangladesh Command
OC: Lt.-Colonel Zothanmawia Khiangte
GS: Captain Richard Bradbury
Officers 98(A93/R5) Corps 32 Cadets 6
Sr Soldiers 1,306 Jr Soldiers 194
1. Rohingya repatriation is a big challenge for our country government, so we are seeking Godly wisdom for our leaders to resolve the problem and bring heavenly peace for our nation.
2. Please pray for National Council of Churches in Bangladesh (NCCB), Bible Society and College of Christian Theology Bangladesh (CCTB) as we are the affiliated body to go forward with together for how to fulfil our Christian mission.
3. Pray for our Bangladesh Command Mission 21/50  (Running Towards the Goal).
4. Pray for our Land Properties as to how to resolve our problems where we have and specially pray for the land of our Headquarters in Bangladesh.
5. Facing challenges of working in Bangladesh with NGO/Government.
6. New governance system in Bangladesh Command from 2021.
7. For all Officers, Staffs, Soldiers, Recruits and their families.
8. For spiritual development of our people.
9. Visa crises for foreign officers in Bangladesh. Especially for OC & CPWM.
10. For open the doors for new Corps/Centres. Evangelical works.
11. Major Lily Baroi and Elias Baroi who are suffering from Long term diseases.
16/04 Nam Ming Haven For Women
Service Supervisor: Ms. Wong Suk Han
1. Pray for good health of our residents, staff and their families. Keep them from infection of COVID-19.
2. Pray that our staff can perform their duties without fear of being infected under the pandemic. May their family understand and support their decisions of continuing to serve in the residence.