Prayer details November 2020

Date Prayer Topics
Information Technology Department
Information Technology Director: Mr. Jacob, Chik Kwok Kuen
1. Pray for our IT staff and their family as they are going through difficult time and facing various challenges.
2. Pray that the Lord will bestow His grace and wisdom on our colleagues to cope with the tremendous pressure and workload.
10/11 Kam Tin Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Winnie, Keung Mei Yee
1. Thank God for His provision. A sterilizing service company offered a free session of photocatalytic sterilisation for the corps premises.
2. We give thanks to God for our brothers and sisters remain faithful to God during the pandemic. May God have mercy for those who are spiritually apathetic. Pray that they will be encouraged by the Holy Spirit and turn back to God.
11/11 Centaline Charity Fund Yau Tong Kindergarten
Head: Ms. Leung Yuen Shan
1. Under the COVID-19, may God protect the health of students, parents and staffs in the school.
2. May God let the COVID-19 abate as soon as possible so that the school can resume normal operation.
Australia Territory 
TC:  Commissioner Robert Donaldson
CS : Colonel Winsome Merrett
Officers (A876/R860) Corps 299 Cadets 37 
Sr Soldiers 13,122 Jr Soldiers 1,813
Praise & Thanksgiving
1. Thanks to God for our employees, staff and volunteers who have demonstrated adaptability and creativity to ensure the mission continues to be delivered in this COVID-19 environment and lives continue to be transformed one at a time with the love of Jesus.
2. Thanks to God for the united response to Bushfire disasters and the pandemic as well as advocacy to the government and our national fundraising appeal.
3. The many innovative Kingdom opportunities that have come out of the COVID-19 pandemic.
1. The ongoing protection and safety of our frontline workers as they serve the most vulnerable in this COVID-19 environment.
2. Wisdom as we continue the transformation process to operate as one Australian Territory; in particular to ensure simple but effective national processes to assist the frontline as they deliver the mission.
3. Wisdom to ensure ongoing missional focus in financially sustainable ways.
4. A sense of peace, empowerment and anointing for all Officers who are impacted by the ‘general change;’ process.
Heng On Hostel
Assistant Service Supervisor (adjunct Superintendent): Ms. Wong Ho Yan
1. Pray that the God will continue to protect the service users, staff and their families of the Unit during the pandemic, so that we can be physically and spiritually healthy. We also pray that God will bring us peace every day. May we fix our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith, so that we can continue to stand firm on our positions and serve with love.
2. The service users of our unit are getting old and the staff are strenuous when taking care of them. Thank God that the unit will be converted to an elderly home for the mentally disabled. We pray for God-given wisdom. May the transition be pleasing to God. May our staff make full use of their talents to bring an enjoyable life to our service users in their old age.