Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ (Ephesians 1: 3)

Date Prayer Subjects
07/03 Social Services Department
Social Service Director : Ms Chan Siu Lai 
1. Amid the pandemic and changes of the society, many service users are worried and anxious about the health of themselves and their families, the economy and their daily living. Pray for their physical and mental health. May they find peace of mind and hope despite their adversities.
2. To address the many social needs, pray that the colleagues of Social Services Department will remain true to their aspiration and mission to serve the people in need in the society together. Pray that they will have good health and spirit to move forward.
08/03 Melody Corps
Corps Officer: Major David Ip  
Assistant Corps Officer: Major Samson Cheung 
1. The Corps’ Building Together for a Holistic Wellness Hub Project funded by the Jockey Club completed its service in end February. The Corps will continue serving the elderly in the community by other means. Pray that this service will continue going on.
2. The pandemic is still going on. Meetings and activities of the Corps are all suspended. May God keep the minds of our brothers and sisters, that they will stay health and strong despite all sorts of restrictions. May the Spirit grant us strength. Pray that the gracious hands of the Lord will keep us from any harm.
09/03 Sam Shing Nursery School
Head: Ms Lam Tien Wai 
1. Facing the ongoing pandemic and different challenges, may God grant us peace in our body, mind and soul. Trusting the Lord, may we continue to provide quality care and educational services to the community together.
2. We understand parents need to work and take care of children at home at the same time. May God let the parents rely on You in their parenting. Deliver them from frustration, discouragement and disappointment. Also grant them wisdom for time management and efficiency at work, so that they will be grateful for spending more time with their children and enjoy the joy of raising their children.
Uganda Territory
TC: Colonel Samuel Kwao Oklah  
CS: Lt-Colonel Chatonda Theu
Officers 152(A131/R21) Corps 132  Outposts 37
Cadets 17 Sr Soldiers 15,267 Jr Soldiers 10,419 Adherents 596  
1. Pray for International Secretary for Africa in March
2. Pray for Colonels Samuel and Philomina Kwao Oklah’s Retirement in March.
3. Prayer for the incoming TC and CS, in that God may grant them strength, wisdom and knowledge to lead Uganda Territory.
4. Pray for the ongoing store building at THQ for Staff to be completed well and Cadets at OTC to finish well their Training and to be Commissioned.
5. Pray that the work of Command Heads, Officers and Local Officers will move forward and win souls for Christ.
6. Pray for spiritual growth in the lives of our Soldiers, transformation and creativity opportunities for Uganda Territory at large.
11/03 Cheung Hong Community Day Rehabilitation and Residential Service 
Unit in charge: Ms Po King Chi 
1. We are not yet in control of the global pandemic, and the situation in Hong Kong remains severe and volatile. May God grant our colleagues and service users good health, peace of mind and safe from infection.
2. Pray that the vacancies may be filled soon to stablise our manpower. May new colleagues adapt to the new working environment soon and serve well together.