The blessing of the Lord brings wealth, without painful toil for it. (Proverbs 10: 22)

Date Prayer Subjects
08/03 Finance Department
Finance Director: Ms. Helen, Wong Lai Yan
1. Pray God to safeguard our colleague Becky.
2. Praise God for keeping everyone in good health and great joy.
3. Pray that we remember to seek God’s help during difficult times and challenges and believe in Him.
09/03 Kowloon City Corps
Corps Officer: Major Norris, Cheung Yuen Mei
1. Pray for pastoral ministries under the pandemic. May God help the Corps to find a suitable way of pastoral care work.
2. Pray for good health in the body, mind and soul of our corps members. May God strengthen our faith and hope.
10/03 Tai Wo Hau Nursery School
Head: Ms. Chan Ka Yee
1. The COVID-19 pandemic has last for more than a year. Pray that God will continue to keep all our staff, students and parents in good health. Strengthen our lives and faith. Pray that our team may face all difficulties and challenges with a positive mind and experience the grace of God. May God grant our student wisdom and understanding, so that they may face the challenges with online learning and achieve the best outcomes in learning. Parents also experience changes as the pandemic affected their routines of work and taking care of their children. May God grant them His peace amid their anxiety.and worries.
2. Pray for K3 students who are awaiting central allocation of their primary school places. Guide each one of them to be allocated their desired school that best suits them. Grant all parents peace and wisdom as they wait for the release of results and prepare for the ‘door-knocking’ stage competing for remaining places.
Hong Kong & Macau Command
OC: Lt.-Colonel Bob, Lee Kong Chew
CS: Major Tommy, Chan Hi Wai
Officers 49(A27/R22) Corps 16 Cadets 2
Sr Soldiers 2,477 Jr Soldiers 406
1. We give thanks to the Lord for the celebration of our 90th Anniversary in 2020. It’s a celebration with a difference, as we needed to cancel a few celebration events due to the social gathering restrictions.
2. We thank God for giving us the opportunity (new social projects of the Command will commence in 2021).
3. Please pray that the Lord will lead and guide the Command into a new decade of saving souls, growing saints and serving the community.
4. Please continue to pray for our staff working in our residential care units during this critical time. They are worried about infecting the clients they serve and their own families.
5. Please pray for the works of two new Corps planning initiatives, one at a preschool unit (the So Uk Kindergarten) and the other at a primary school (The Salvation Army Queen’s Hill School). Pray for the personnel, finance, the operation of the Corps planting.
6. Please pray for officers of the Command (retirement and development of new ventures).
12/03 Kam Tin Residence For Senior Citizens
Service Supervisor: Ms. Chu Suk Wah
1. May the God of hope fill our residents of Kam Tin Home and their relatives with joy and peace. Relatives cannot visit our residents due to the protective measures against the spread of the coronavirus, so they miss each other. Especially pray for the elders who are sick, some of whom feel physical pains and some are weak. Pray that they get proper treatment to reduce their discomfort.
2. Please pray for all colleagues to share the same vision. Even though the workloads are heavy and the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, we are highly devoted to provide a warm home to our residents.