They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. (Lamentations 3:23)

Date Prayer Subjects
09/01 Business Administration Department
Senior Business Administrator: Major Alice Law
1. Pray for the Lord to let colleagues in the department serve together with one accord.
2. Bless our colleagues with good health.
10/01 English Speaking Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Cecilia Codoy
1. Continue to Pray for the Online Pastoral Care ministries of the Corps through online counseling session, Bible Study, Daily (Dawn) Devotional Reflection both ESC Comrades and Macau Filipino Fellowship and Friendship Evangelism. May these ministries continue to meet and encourage the needs of ESC Community and Filipino Macau Fellowship.
2. Thanksgiving for the protection and strength of the English Speaking Congregation and Officer.
3. Please pray for the plan and preparation for the future of the Corps. Pray for the transfer of Corps to another location. Pray for a place that meets the need of the Corps and according to what the Corps can afford.
11/01 Lai Chi Kok Nursery School
School Head: Ms. Leung Po Chu
1. Pray that the Lord will keep the students, parents, teachers and staff of Lai Chi Kok Nursery School healthy and strong, and not be infected by germs.
2. Pray that the Lord will guard and lead us, grant us wisdom and understanding to the school head, teachers and workers to serve with one accord, so that everything in the school could go smoothly.
Pakistan Territory
TC: Colonel Diana Macdonald
CS: Lt.-Colonel Safdar Iqbal Safdar
Officers 435 (A324, R111) Corps 132 Cadets 43
Sr Soldiers 40,033 Jr Soldiers 9,564 Adherents 3,813
1. Colonel Diana Macdonald, who is the first woman to hold the role of Territorial Commander in the Pakistan Territory. (She will take up her appointment from 01 January 2023.
2. Flood affected areas and people.
3. Ongoing inflation and economic and political imbalance in the country.
13/01 Sam Mun Tsai Community Development Project
Person in Charge: Mr. Yip Heg Loong
1. One of the villages in the serviced community (Sam Mum Tsai Tsuen) will carry out a number of projects to improve the living environment. However, the life of the villagers will also be affected during the project. I hope that the project will be carried out smoothly and the villagers will tolerate the inconvenience during the period.
2. From time to time, there are families in the community who are infected or affected by long COVID. I hope that they will be strong physically and mentally and can overcome the sickness!