Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near. (Isaiah55:6)

Date Prayer Subjects
05/12 Social Services Department
Social Services Director : Miss SL Chan
1. Continue to pray for the service users and staff affected by the epidemic, asking the Lord to take care of and keep them physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.
2. Pray for the wisdom and strength of the Lord, so that the co-workers of the social services department could continue to work together and do their best to serve the families in need in the society, and that the service users could feel the peace and hope given by the Lord.
3. May the Lord protect our newly developed services, and let us continue to support citizens in need in the society. May the Lord move more people to take the initiative to care for their needs, and exert the mutual help spirit among neighbours.
06/12 Tsuen Kwai Corps
Corps Officer: Major Belinda Tso
Associate Corps Officer: Major Simon Tso
1. Lack of youth leaders, pray for better development in youth ministry;
2. Bothers and sisters love to read the Bible, seek to understand God’s words, and be a Lord-pleasing person.
07/12 Tin Ka Ping Kindergarten
School Head : Ms. Leung Yuen Shan
1. May God keep the health of the students, parents and staffs during the Covid 19 epidemic.
2. The 2023-2024 academic admissions process has already started. with the grace of God, all activities will successfully be conducted. Hopefully the parents can recognize our educational philosophy.
The Philippines Territory
TC: Colonel David Oalang
CS: Lt-Colonel Rodolfo Salcedo
Officers 249 (A164/R85) Corps 87 Cadets 12
Sr Soldiers 9,763 Jr Soldiers 1,012 Adherents 5,713
The Territorial Theme is: “God is able to superabundantly bless, beyond our greatest prayers, hopes and dreams” (AMP Ephesians 3:20)
1. This theme embraces every aspect of the Territory’s ministry. In particular, please pray for all the trainings and initiatives on evangelism and discipleship so we can become faithful partakers in the great harvest of souls.
2. For more young people to respond to the call to Officership and for the training of ministry volunteers- those who are willing to offer certain number of years for service. Afterwards, they may eventually decide to enter the OTC or return to service as local officers.
3. For the Educational Services (learning centers/schools), that they will be able to cope with the challenges caused by the Pandemic。
09/12 Lung Hang Children and Youth Centre
Unit in-charge: Mr. Brian Wong
1. According to news reports, in addition to the fact that the world is still affected by the Covid 19 pandemic, the United States has been threatened by winter flu in early October, which caused a large number of deaths. May God be merciful to the world, and keep every family in Hong Kong not only free from the pandemic, but also have a strong body to face the winter flu.
2. Around Christmas in December, the primary and secondary school students in Hong Kong are busy with their examinations, which often creates a lot of mental pressure and tension in parent-child relationships. May God keep every student and their family members filled with the love of Jesus Christ, overcome the pressure, and enjoy the grace that God brings to the world at Christmas.