Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! (Psalm 8: 9)

Date Prayer Subjects
03/05 Programme Department
Secretary for Programme: Major Minny, Chan Tsui Heung Ying
1. Thank God for his guidance and answering prayers. The application of Transitional Housing Development at the ex-Salvation Army Sam Shing Chuen Lau Ng Ying School in Tuen Mun is successful. This Transitional Housing Development is planned to start operation in the second quarter of 2022. We hope to provide not only living places for the needy in a relatively low rent, but also provide holistic ministry to residents and services to the community people in the district. Please pray for the fund raising, re-construction and operation of the development project.
2. Pray for the holistic ministry in the Command. May all our service users experience the love of God and live the abundant lives that God has given.
04/05 Tsuen Kwai Corps
Corps Officer: Major Belinda, Tso Choi Ying Chai
Assistant Corps Officer : Major Simon Tso Kam Shing
1. Pray for the 3-5 Year Strategic Plan of Tsuen Kwai Corps: Spiritual Formation – Daily Bible Reading Plan, discipline of prayer, training for evangelism and nurturing new believers. May we be able to adjust the mode of pastoring and strategy for preaching under the new normal.
2. Fellow brothers and sisters have remained faithful to God and follow Him closely under the pandemic. They have spent more time to meditate on the Word of God, love their families, live a life of testimony, benefit others and bring people to the Lord. Also pray for the Corps Officers, Local Officers and Soldiers.
05/05 Ann Wyllie Memorial School
Head: Mr. Victor Ma Kai Lung
1. The School has faced many challenges during the school suspension period, such as change of teaching mode. Pray for fellow staff members who have stayed positive, supporting and reminding one another to maintain quality of teaching.
2. May God grant peace in the body, mind and soul of the School staff, students and their parents. Pray that they have mutual trust with positive thinking. Help all students experience more love and care, so that every one embrace adversity and challenges.
3. Pray for good health for all teachers, students and parents under the pandemic.
Middle East Region
RC: Captain Robert Viera
Officers 4 Corps 8
Sr Soldiers 381 Jr Soldiers 38
1. That the new Corps Officers of the Kuwait Corps, Majors Jeff and Margaret Stafford will be able to enter that country to begin their ministry.
2. That new Regional Leaders for the Region will be appointed and will be able to enter the United Arab Emirates to begin their leadership of the region.
3. That the Salvationists of the region, in Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Bahrain, will be encouraged in their faith and witness even as meetings are curtailed because of COVID-19
4. That God will continue to show the way forward for the Region in spite of the many restrictions placed on the work of the churches.
07/05 Palliative Care in Residential Care Homes For the Elderly
Service Supervisor: Ms. Shirley Wong Kin Wai
1. May God bless the elderly users suffering from chronic or terminal illnesses, giving them peace of mind during the final stages of their lives. Also pray for their family members who may feel guilty for not being able to accompany the elders during the pandemic.
2. Give team members strength, wisdom and good health of the body, mind and soul as they meet the challenges at work in 2021.