Answer me, Lord, answer me, so these people will know that you, Lord, are God, and that you are turning their hearts back again. (1 Kings 18: 37)

Date Prayer Subjects
04/07 Personnel Department
Secretary for Personnel: Major Connie Ip
Petition :
1. May God provide Officers to the Command. May Soldiers listen to God’s call.
2. May Officers have health, spiritual wisdom from God to do His work.
05/07 Melody Corps
Corps Officer: Major David Ip
Assistant Corps Officer: Major Samson Cheung
1. The Wellness Hub Project for the elderly sponsored by the Jockey Club Charities Trusts was concluded on 31 May. Melody Corps will continue to implement this service with an emphasis on the gospel. Pray for the operation and manpower of the service, so that the elderly in the community will be better served.
2. Pray for the evangelical ministries of the Corps. May the Spirit stir the hearts of fellow brothers and sisters, so that they will have a mind to preach the gospel in their families, service units, community and among their friends. As the Apostle Paul says, ‘Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season… with great patience and careful instruction.’ (2 Timothy 4:2). ‘… by all possible means I might save some.’ (1 Corinthians 9:22).
06/07 Sai Wan Ho Family Store
Senior Shop Manager: Ms. Jenny Fan
1. Pray that God will grant good health for all and peace of the world.
2. Pray for peace of mind for our colleagues.
France and Belgium Territory
TC: Colonel Jacques Donez
CS : Lt-Colonel Grant Effer
Officers 154 (A58/R96) Corps 32 Outposts 6 Envoys 1  Cadets 1 Sr Soldiers 1,173 Jr Soldiers 175 Adherents 263
Petition :
1. Transitions 
We ask that you pray for our officers who are moving this July, that transitions for them personally and in their ministry will be God-infused with treasures they could not otherwise expect or imagine.
Our territory has significant changes occurring at THQ within the executive leadership of both the Congregation and Foundation teams due to retirements and international moves. Please pray for Holy Spirit power to intercede for the blessing and binding together of these new teams.
The 5th wave of covid has washed over a number of our active officers. Please pray for restoration of their health. We pray that they will take time to heal fully and not race back into action preventing full health renewal.
Covid has also impacted our corps ministries in France and Belgium as it has around the globe. Please pray for our ministry teams to lean into God to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit as He unfolds insights into the way forward. May each ministry accept the spiritual challenge not to return to the past, rather to press forward for the glory of God and salvation of humanity.
08/07 Nam Ming Residence of Senior Citizens
Service Supervisor: Ms. Suk Han Wong
Petition :
1. There were residents of our Nam Shan Residence who passed away in the fifth wave of epidemic, some of whose family members were unable to say their farewell with the elders at the hospital. May our Heavenly Father have mercy on the mourning families.
2. After the fifth wave of COVID-19 outbreak, our Residence seems to have shut down for over two months. Pray that our team will work with one accord and be prepared for the challenges in future.