Date Prayer Items
04/01 Women’s Ministries
Command President of Women’s Ministries: Lt.-Colonel Wendy Lee
1. Pray that active Women’s Ministries in our corps will minister to the needs of the women and their families.
2. Give thanks for the success of the Women’s Ministries last year, e.g. Helping Hand Project, Day Retreats, World Day of Prayer meeting.
3. Pray that more women will come to know and accept Jesus as their personal Saviour and Lord so that they can also influence their families.
05/01 Tseung Kwan O Corps
Corps Officer: Major Chan Kwok Wai
1. Pray for those being infected or suspected to be infected with Covid-19.
2. Pray for the soldiers with children and needed to be taken care at home.
3. Pray for the Corps Evangelism under the pandemic.
06/01 Catherine Booth Nursery School
Head: Ms. Chan Pui Kwan
1. In the new school year, we are still being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and seasonal flu. The school needs more flexibility in facing various challenges in its teaching. Pray that God will grant us wisdom and help our teachers to provide more diverse activities and build effective ways of learning for our students to help them grow.
2. In the new year, may God lead our teaching team to work together in one accord. Let us create different activities and learning experience for our students. Pray that we can review and renew our curriculum that suits our students’ development and better our educational services.
Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands Territory
TC: Colonel Garth Niemand
CS : Lt.-Colonel Tilitah Goa
Officers 413(A324/R89) Corps 63 Cadets 24
Sr Soldiers 5,982 Jr Soldiers 1,349
1. Strategic Plan: The Territory is embarking on a new Territorial Strategic Plan (2021-2025) titled: “Rebuild, Restore, Renew” (Isaiah 61:4). We thank God for the honest and sensitive contributions to the plan from across the territory. Pray that God will use this plan to bring unity of purpose and enable decisive action to address the strategic concerns of officers, soldiers and employees across the territory. More importantly, pray that the objectives and goals will make the territory fit to evangelise and disciple more effectively. May God grant us all the tenacity to complete tasks and reach goals.
2. Officers: Pray that God will sustain our officers and lay workers who often serve in remote areas where there are no basic facilities or public services. Pray that God will continue to strengthen their current commitment to their calling and grant them good health. Pray for the officers’ children affected by their parents’ change of appointments in January. Thank God for the new intake of 20 Cadets in the two campuses in January.
3. Finances: Give thanks to God for the many territories and donors who continue to support the people of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. The territory also has good income-generating enterprises that provide much needed finances. Pray that God will grant the decision-makers divine wisdom and courage to explore further opportunities to generate income within the territory and that God will open doors and close doors as appropriate. Pray for the spiritual generosity among Salvationists in order that they may give of their first fruits to God despite their poverty.
4. Community: Pray against the social ills and evils in our society, including gender-based violence, sorcery and witchcraft (and related deaths), tribal fighting and corruption. Pray that God will continue to expand TSA’s response to these social issues.
5. Young People: Pray for our Salvationist children and young people and our emerging leaders that God will grant them opportunities for education and development in order that they may reach their full potential and influence society for Christ.
6. Solomon Islands: Give thanks to God for the expansion in the Solomon Islands and pray that God will continue to grant wisdom for sustainability in the areas of financial management, doctrinal teaching, and mission expression.
08/01 Talent Shop
Manager: Mr. Wally, Lai Kam Pui
1. Given the volatility of the epidemic, the number of training and projects of the workshop is reduced. Pray that the pandemic will end soon, so that the economy will resume and there will be more training opportunities for our trainees.
2. Pray for a complete resumption of work for our trainees and that life will resume to normal soon. May we all enjoy good health and abundant happiness.