Peace, peace, to those far and near, says the Lord. And I will heal them. (Isaiah 57:19b)

Date Prayer Subjects
02/08 Executive Office
Officer Commanding : Lt.-Colonel. Bob Lee
General Secretary: Major Tommy Chan
1. Pray for all Corps Officers with change of appointment, that they will soon adapt to serving in a new workplace.
2. Pray for the development of the Command’s ministries in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.
03/08 Tai Hang Tung Corps
Corps Officer: Major Peter Cho
Associate Corps Officer: Major Lai-Ching Cho
1. Pray for the 4 weeks of full-day summer activities. May the 40 participants be blessed through the activities.
2. Pray for the instructors and volunteers of the summer activities. During the long period of time, pray that God will strengthen them with good energy and a joyful heart to serve, so that they may share God’s blessings with the 40 participants through their service.
04/08 Yue Wan Family Store
Senior Sales:Ms. Ng Lo Sheung
1. Pray for good health for our staff and their family under the pandemic.
2. May the Holy Spirit remind and guide us not to be proud and do not do wrong. Be compassionate for all those who need help.
Korea Territory
TC: Commissioner Chang, Man-hee
CS: Colonel Lee, Choong-ho
Officers 825(A596, R229) Aux-Capts 13 Envoy 10 Corps 231 Cadets 16
Sr Soldiers 47,120 Jr Soldiers 7,597 Adherents 5,837
1. Pray for families who lost their loved ones through pandemic
2. Pray for corona virus to stop spreading in Korea, Mongolia, Cambodia.
3. Prayers for an unprecedented time.
4. Pray for our youth especially those who are in the age of 20-30 that they will become our major workforce in the next 10 years.
06/08 Chuk Yuen Centre for Senior Citizen
Asst. Service Supervisor: Ms. Priscilla Leung
1. Our services have opened drop-in service to the community. Pray that the frontline workers serve our community with love and passion. Give them strength and keep them safe.
2. There is little connection among people due to social distancing. It is hoped that through the resumption of community services, more people in the community can be connected and we can continue to work with the corps to promote spiritual care.