(1 February 2023, Hong Kong) The Salvation Army announced the appointment of Colonels Philip and Deslea Maxwell as Officer Commanding and Command President of Women’s Ministries of the Hong Kong and Macau Command from 1 February 2023.

Officers of the Australia Territory, the Maxwells were commissioned in 1984 and had a variety of appointments in Australia as corps officers and at divisional and territorial headquarters. Appointments included outback and city communities, contemporary and conservative settings, new and established congregations, and Seniors and Community Care Ministries. In 2010 the Maxwells commenced their overseas service assuming appointments in the Papua New Guinea Territory as Territorial Secretary for Business Administration, Territorial Director of Schools, Literary Secretary, and Editor of Tokaut. 2014 saw a further change as the Maxwells moved to International Headquarters where Philip was an international auditor and Deslea was editor of the women’s ministries leadership magazine, Revive, and The Salvation Army Year Book. Prior to the current appointment, Colonels Philip and Deslea Maxwell served as Chief Secretary and Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries/Assistant Territorial Leader for Officer Development respectively in the USA Eastern Territory.

Colonel Philip Maxwell will lead the Hong Kong and Macau Command to serve the local community with our religious, educational, and social services. He will also lead our services in the recycling programme, emergency relief, and Mainland China ministries. Colonel Deslea Maxwell will supervise the Army’s women ministries.

Colonels Philip and Deslea Maxwell succeed Lieut-Colonels Bob and Wendy Lee who are now retired and back in Singapore to enjoy quality time with their family after their three years of distinguished leadership in Hong Kong.