Children’s Dreams Soar High with Paper Airplanes

(7 July 2018, Hong Kong) The Salvation Army fully supports the ‘Paper Airplanes Dream Workshop’ organised by In Publications. Mr Jeremy Tam, Legislative Councilor cum airline pilot, Mr Wilfred Leung, Development Director of The Salvation Army, and Mr Wong Kai-wang, In Publications representative cum Registered Social Worker are among the guests, folding paper airplanes with 30 parents and children in a paper airplane competition and spending an enjoyable afternoon together.

The Salvation Army Tai Po Integrated Service for Young People recently helped its youth members to form a team and take part in the ‘Fly in the Face of Adversity’ mobile short film contest. The team won the 1st runner-up. The winning work encourages young people to be persistent in pursuing their dreams, never give up, and dare to explore their interests and potential. This short film has also brought about the collaboration between The Salvation Army and In Publications with an aim to raise the awareness of development of SEN (special educational needs) students in society.

According to Mr Wilfred Leung, The Salvation Army has always been dedicated to supporting SEN students, letting them know they are not alone on their journeys of growth. ‘The Salvation Army and In Publications both describe dreams as paper airplanes. We share the same philosophy, as we believe that SEN students are like pieces of ordinary paper. Being given more opportunities, they can also soar like paper airplanes’, said Leung. Mr Wong Kai-wang hoped that the workshop and the book launch of ‘Parents and Children Making Together! Paper Airplane Origami BOOK’ would encourage the children to develop an interest in something other than digital games, as well as more parent-child interaction.

Established by The Salvation Army Social Services Department this year, ‘Alternative 5** School’ aims to create a loving environment where children with SEN are helped to discover their strengths other than academics. In this way, they may achieve a sense of accomplishment and get a boost of self-esteem. By accumulating successful experiences, they may be motivated to explore new things, fostering a positive and holistic development.