Wharf Two and Kimman as Orienteering Ambassadors

(22 July 2018, Hong Kong) The Salvation Army Orienteering 2018 will be held on 3 November this year and kicked off at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park, Sheung Wan. This is the 16th time that the Orienteering will be held this year. In this outdoor sport that requires physical capabilities, intelligence and resilience, participants are to wear head torches, going into every corner of the city with The Salvation Army, leading people in need out of the dark!

Today, the launching ceremony is held at Lee Tung Avenue. The ceremony began with an uplifting djembe performance by students of ‘Alternative 5** School’ in little Indian outfits. Our Orienteering Ambassadors, local band Wharf Two and singer Kimman Wong, invited the public to support the event. Their impromptu street performance with the little Indian drummers was the highlight of the day.

This year, The Salvation Army Orienteering is raising funds in support of students with special educational needs (SEN). Proceeds will be used to explore and develop the diverse talents of these students through the Army’s ‘Alternative 5** School’ and to provide them with professional assessment and treatment. While racing against time to get their highest scores, participants may also experience the learning difficulties of SEN students at specially set up experiential spots within the game area to understand and increase public awareness for the students’ needs.

This is the second year for Wharf Two to be our Orienteering Ambassadors. They appreciated the students’ performance and team spirit. ‘We can feel their passion for djembe. Improvisation with them is an unforgettable street performance.’ To the three band members, orienteering is a team sport that requires good teamwork and cooperation among team members. They urged the public to take up the challenge for charity while getting to know and helping a group of children with inborn talents.

Mr Sin Leung-kai, Service Supervisor of The Salvation Army and person-in-charge of ‘Alternative 5** School’ hoped the community would understand and recognise the abilities of SEN students and give them opportunities to develop diverse talents. ‘The School puts a lot of emphasis on caring, encouraging and accepting children with SEN, helping them to discover and realise their own strengths. Also, by getting along with others, it helps boost their self-esteem, to be conscientious and more attentive.’

For The Salvation Army Orienteering 2018 Event and Enrolment Details:

Starting from today, teams whose donation reach the designated amount are eligible to enroll through the event webpage. On top of the Darkness Gears, you will have a chance to be rewarded a Special Edition Water Bottle. Quota is limited. Act now!

About ‘Alternative 5** School’

Established by The Salvation Army Hong Kong and Macau Command early this year, the ‘Alternative 5** School’ advocates a ‘strengths-based’ approach, discovering and developing the potentials of children with SEN from eight aspects, including Musical-rhythmic Intelligence, Visual-spatial Intelligence, Bodily-kinesthetic Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, Intrapersonal Intelligence, Naturalistic Intelligence, Verbal-linguistic Intelligence, and Logical-mathematical Intelligence. The School also puts an emphasis on the children’s personal development, including Competence and Self-confidence, Family-oriented and Contribution to Society.