Holistic Support to Families with Special Educational Needs Children

(25 Feb 2019, Hong Kong) The Salvation Army set up the ‘Alternative 5** School’ in 2018 to help children with special educational needs (SEN) to discover their strengths other than academics, enabling them to achieve a sense of accomplishment and get a boost of self-esteem. This year, The Salvation Army and the NWS Holdings Limited (NWS Holdings) jointly launch the ‘Alternative 5** Family’ Project, providing diversified training to inspire potentials of children with SEN as well as assistance to families with special needs children. It also organises activities to raise public awareness.
The ‘Alternative 5** Family’ Project is a two-year initiative. Salvation Army social workers and corporate volunteers of the NWS Holdings join hands to develop the talents of children with SEN other than academics, in order to broaden their horizon in pursuit of an alternative ‘5**’ achievement. Communication training is provided to parents of special needs children, equipping them to walk alongside their children as they grow healthily in a slightly different path. The Project officially kicked off last Saturday on 23 February. Salvation Army social workers and about 130 corporate volunteers of the NWS Holdings started off with a game workshop, creating a ‘Journey Reaching for the Stars’ for nearly 200 children with SEN and their parents. Through parent-child games children are helped to enhance their self-care abilities and develop positive thinking. The Project also partnered with local illustration character Dustykid to create an innovative themed First Bus ‘DustyBus’, an inspiring bus on which heartwarming illustration and the voice of children with SEN are painted. DustyBus will tour around the Hong Kong Island from now till mid March, spreading the message of caring for children with SEN in the community.