2021 Important Dates

Mar 5 World Day of Prayer Service (TSA) (cancelled due to COVID-19 threat)
Mar 6 World Day of Prayer Service (HKCC)
Apr 4 Helping Hand Project Campaign start
May 9 Mother’s Day Celebrations (Corps)
May 15 WM Day Camp trip #1 (cancelled due to COVID-19 threat)
May 21 ‘Helping Hand’ Project Sales Table
Jun 7 Silver Star Fellowship
Jun 11 Women Ministries Annual Business Meeting & Women Officers Fellowship
Sep 11 WM Day Camp trip #2
Sep 19 Day of Prayer for Victims of Human Trafficking
Oct 8 ‘Helping Hand’ Project Sales Table
Nov 27 WM Day Camp trip #3
Nov 30 Helping Hand Project Campaign ends
Dec 6 Silver Star Fellowship

Please remember to mark the above important dates onto your diary!

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