not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching. (Hebrew10:25)

Date Prayer Subjects
25/09 Macau District
District Officer : Major Jeremy Lam
1. We are grateful for the successful Opening Ceremony of the Rui Xi Integrated Service Centre for Senior Citizens. May God continue to bless the centre so all our service users will be properly cared for and learn about the Christian faith.
2. Please pray for the Joy Family Integrated Service Centre’s 10th anniversary event on 14 Oct. May God guard the preparation works, and we pray for good weather on the event date.
Please pray for the youth ministry of the Iao Hon Corps. May God lead all the teenagers participating in our Corps’ activities to accept Christ, learn about the truth, and be steadfast in their faith.
26/09 Kowloon East Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Billy Lam
1. Many brothers and sisters of the Kowloon East Corps fell ill recently, suffering from cancer, eye disease, or heart problems. Please pray for them.
2. Please pray for the SEN children that the Kowloon East Corps is assisting. May God grant our teachers with wisdom to help children to establish a learning discipline.
27/09 Centaline Charity Fund Yau Tong Kindergarten
Head: Ms. Tong Ying Yan
1. As the new school year approaches, please pray that God will bless the new students to adapt to the school life as soon as possible, so all our children can enjoy going to school. May God bless our children with health and wisdom. May parents trust the school, and cooperate with the school to nurture the children.
2. As the student-recruitment continues, please pray that God will strength everyone in the school to overcome difficult circumstances and guide our paths so our work will be fruitful.
Italy and Greece Territory
TC: Lt.-Colonel Andrew Morgan
CS: Major Cinzia Walzer
Officers 43(A 27 / R 16) Envoys 2 Corps 17 Outpost 1
Sr Soldiers 227 Jr Soldiers 24 Adherents 110
For Italy
1. For the Lord’s guidance in the development of a future officer training programme
2. For wisdom in the ongoing relationship-building with the Italian government
3. Successful summer camping ministries, the first post-COVID
For Greece
1. For a favourable outcome following the submission of The Salvation Army’s updated legal constitution to national authorities, that TSA will thus stand in good stand legally for the foreseeable future.
2. Integrated mission which is growing in Greece. Pray that the multi-cultural and multilingual communities surrounding the Corps will continue to be influenced by the Gospel, and that our God may become known and great in a very real and tangible way.
29/09 Hoi Yu Day Care Centre for Senior Citizens
Service Supervisor: Ms. Venus Ho
1. Please pray that God would protect our colleagues and bless them with health and wisdom to handle different tasks.
2. Please pray for the residents of the centre and their families. May God bless them with healthy bodies and joyful hearts.