‘’…not a famine of food or a thirst for water, but a famine of hearing the words of the Lord.’’(Amos 8:11b)

Date Prayer Subjects
27/09 Property Department
Property Director: Mr. Jack Tsang
1. Pray that the Lord will give us strength to demonstrate our integrity and professionalism in a field that demands our very best.
2. Pray that the staff will have good health and wisdom to cope with our work.
28/09 Hong Kong Island East Corps
Corps Officers: Lieutenant Michael and
Associate Corps Officer: Lieutenant Forrest Lam
1. Pray for spiritual growth of fellow brothers and sisters. May God use our Corps.
2. Pray for the spiritual follow-up work for primary and kindergarten students after the summer activities.
29/09 Western District Family Store
Senior Store Manager: Ms. Lo Yuen Ling, Erica
1. Pray that the Lord will end the epidemic as soon as possible, let the economy recover, and all industries and companies will return to normal.
2. Pray that the Lord will give us good health and peace of the world.
Spain and Portugal Command
OC: Lt-Colonel Philip Davisson
GS: Major Rafael Giusti
Officers 67(A54, R13) Aux-Capts 4 Corps 3 Cadets 9
Sr Soldiers 4,195 Jr Soldiers910 adherents152
1. Wisdom and creativity for opening the doors of our Corps and what ministry should look like with less COVID restrictions. The situation is still so complicated.
2. Celebrating 50 years in Spain and Portugal starting May 2021 – we have different activities throughout the year and ending with the General coming to Lisbon in September 2022. May these plans edify our people and challenge us to grow in faith and in numbers.
3. Youth and Children – the pandemic is making it difficult to keep our strong youth groups steady. Pray for wisdom and ways to keep them engaged during these days.
4. Future Officers – we have not sent anyone to training for a while and now we have three to five planning to start 2022. Pray for ways to make this happen. And may they be the start of more to response to the Call.
5. Leadership – continued grace and depth of understanding to follow after what God desires to see happen in Spain and Portugal Command.