The blessing of the Lord brings wealth, without painful toil for it. (Proverbs 10: 22)

Date Prayer Subjects
26/06 China Development Department
Administrative & Project Manager: Ms. Heidi Chan
1. Please pray that God would protect our colleagues and bless them with health so they can persist in serving the needy with the people-centred conviction of ‘love others as yourself’.
2. Please pray that the Salvation Army’s services in mainland China will further expand and cover more areas.
27/06 Shatin Corps
Corps Officer: Major Tammy Cho
1. We are grateful that God has led the Shatin Corps through a grace-filled 40th anniversary. With the anniversary revival Sunday in February and the anniversary fun day in April, we hope our brothers and sisters can experience the love and richness of the spiritual family of the Shatin Corps.
2. We are grateful that God blessed the Corps that we hired a brother, Isaiah Wong, in March to work on the ‘Mission Fund – Shine with the Children’ gospel ministry project. May God bless him with wisdom, a loving heart, and strength to plan and develop the evangelistic ministry in the Tin Ka Ping School so the faculty members, students, and parents would know about and accept the Christian faith.
3. We are grateful for the team of spiritual leaders in the Corps who love God and the church. They care about the ministry as well as others’ lives. May the Spirit protect their minds and thoughts daily so they can reflect God’s glory in their lives.
28/06 Kwun Tong Family Store
Store Manager: Ms. Christina Chan
1. Please pray that God will bless all with peace and joyful hearts. May the world have peace and no more wars.
2. Please pray that the store can do better business-wise to help the disadvantaged, serve society, and benefit more people.
Indonesia Territory
TC: Commissioner Yusak Tampai
CS: Lieut-Colonel Hosea Makaiantang
Officers 911 (A780 / R131) Aux-Captains 27 Corps 295 Outposts 119
Sr Soldiers 48,892 Jr Soldiers 8,039 Adherents 15,339
1. Feeling grateful for the development of our ministry this year with the expansion of the Jawa Bali Division into 2 Divisions on 01 July 2023, and the new service will open in early July 2023 by appointing some officers to start the services.
2. The Ordination and Commissioning of 45 New Officers of ‘Reflectors of Holiness’ Session on 18 June 2023.
3. The Territorial Youth Conference, which will take place in Medan – North Sumatera in November 2023, will encourage young people to get involved in performing the ministries. It is hoped that in the meeting young leaders will find ideas, new insights for the development of the Salvation Army services in the future.
30/06 Senior Citizens Talent Advancement Project Kwun Tong Centre
Project In Charge: Ms. Lily Chau
1. Please pray for the health of our team, members and that they can get to know God.
2. Please pray for the development of our centre. May God bless us so we can continue to provide services to our members and they can be blessed and protected by God and live healthily and happily.