that he lavished on us. With all wisdom and understanding. (Ephesians 1: 8 )

Date Prayer Subjects
28/06 China Development Department
Administration Officer: Ms. Heidi Chan Mei Yee
1. Pray for all those being affected by the pandemic. May God keep them safe. Pray that the pandemic will end and the society will get back on track soon. Pray for smooth and appropriate implementation of all projects, which will help more people of the disadvantaged community.
2. Pray for good health of all staff and safety for all business trips.
3. Pray that our Department may hire suitable staff soon so that our projects will not be affected.
29/06 Kowloon City Corps
Corps Officer: Major Norris Cheung Yuen Mei
1. Starting July, Major Cheung will be transfered to Tseung Kwan O Corps. Kowloon City Corps will be overseen by Major Alice Tam. May God help the Corps to adapt to the change and work with Major Tam to spread the Gospel.
2. Pray for good health in the body, mind and soul of our members (some Soldiers of the Corps are suffering chronic disease). May God strengthen our faith so that we always have hope.
30/06 Kwun Tong Family Store
Senior Store Manager: Ms Fanny Chan Yuen Fun
1. Under the situation of epidemic, we entrust everything to the Almighty Father. Thank the Lord for his blessing, and may the Lord bless the world.
2. Pray for everyone to be healthy, safe and sound.