Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. (Psalm119:105)

Date Prayer Subjects
19/09 Educational Services Department
Educational Service Director: Dr. Simon Ho
1. At the beginning of the semester, may Heavenly Father bless and keeps our students and teachers with physical, mental, and spiritual health, that they could grow in their knowledge and in their spiritual life.
2. Some schools have encountered bottlenecks due to the decline in the number of school-age students and regional development. Pray that the Lord will guide and lead.
20/09 Kam Tin Corps
Corps Officer: Major Alfred Wong
Associate Corps Officer: Major Agatha Wong
1. The Corps does not have too many teenagers now. In the new school year, pray that the Lord will open the chaplain and the school ministry in the community, and lead the young people to understand the gospel!
2. Thanks to the relatively stable epidemic situation that the Corps has resumed the Elderly Fellowship, and the band practice. I pray that the Lord will bless all the fellowships and groups, cherish the opportunity to get together, and prepare for the ministry this Christmas with one heart.
21/09 Wan Chai Family Store
Senior Shop Manager : Erica Lo
1. During the severe time of the epidemic, some of our members were also sick, but we are very grateful to see everyone helping each other, watching and praying, and getting through the difficulties together
2. Pray that all colleagues live happily and in good health.
India South Western Territory
TC: Colonel Gabriel Christian
CS: Lt-Col Jeyaraj Daniel Jebasingh Raj
Officers 632(A283/R349) Corps 307 Cadets 18
Sr Soldiers 27,921 Jr Soldiers 2,184
1. Unemployment of young people
2. Spiritual Development of the Territory
3. Candidates for Officership
4. Religious Harmony
23/09 Yaumatei Multi-services Centre for Senior Citizens
Service Supervisor: Mr. Matthew Yau
1. After more than two years of the epidemic, coupled with the impact of extreme weather, many elderly people living alone and carers have become lonely and tired. May the Lord protect their hearts, so that they have wisdom and strength from above, and learn to be grateful in the midst of adversity. At the same time, also ask the Lord to arrange for angels to help them so that they feel being cared for in their lives.
2. Pray for the health and safety of the co-workers in the unit, and ask the Lord to protect each co-worker in the process of working in the community smoothly, and also bless our service to bring hope and joy to service users, so that God’s love and power be manifested.