Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. (John 14:6)

Date Prayer Subjects
20/09 Programme Department
Programme Secretary: Major Minny Chan
1. Thank God that in this time of pandemic, our schools, service departments and corps have good synergy in providing holistic ministries to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our service users.
2. May God bless and use the innovative projects proposed by corps, schools, and service units to bring out transformative impacts to the community.
21/09 English Speaking Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Maria Cecilia Codoy
1. Give thanks for the protection and strength of the 95% English Speaking Congregation who were vaccinated.
2. Pray for the innovative ministries of the Corps that reach out to the community and comrades to remain steadfast in their faith during these times of uncertainty.
22/09 Wanchai Family Store
Store Manager: Ms. Lo Yuen Ling, Erica
1. Facing the situation of the epidemic, we know that our ability is limited, and only the Lord can calm it.
2. Pray for good health for everyone.
Rwanda and Burundi Command
OC: Lt-Colonel Jean Laurore Clenet
GS: Major Emmanuel Ndagijimana
Officers 39 Cadets 9 Envoy 8 Corps 20 Outpost 18
Sr Soldiers 3,494 Jr Soldiers 1,813 adherents1,044
1. Pray for Officers to be more committed and energised by the Holy Spirit
2. Pray for the work in Burundi
3. Pray for the situation of Covid 19 to cease
4. Pray for the spiritual revival on our Command
5. Pray for the Command to become self-sufficient
6. Pray for our children in our pre-schools
7. Pray for the Command to have their own Officers’ training college
24/09 Kowloon City Family Support Centre
Person in-charge: Mr. Billy Wong
Pray for good physical, emotional and spiritual health for staff of our Centre. May God bless and lead us.
Pray that God will strengthen our team, so that we can support more divorced families, helping them to stay connected and supportive. Also pray for our continued collaboration with the Corps in promoting spiritual care.