There is no one like you, Lord, and there is no God but you, as we have heard with our own ears. (1 Chron 17: 20)

Date Prayer Subjects
24/10 Tai Hang Tung Corps
Corps Officer: Major Belinda Tso
1. Please pray for our follow up works after the Summer Children Day Camp that children and their parents will continue to come to church.
2. Please pray for the construction of our Corps

  • that we can successfully sell the Yuen Long property
  • that we can purchase appropriate property
  • that we can kickstart a new family ministry.

3. As the position of Administrative Assistant has been vacant for over six months, please pray for our recruitment work.

25/10 Ng Kwok Wai Kindergarten
Headmistress : Ms. Chan Siu Lai
1. Please pray for our student recruitment. May God lead us in grace that more family can experience God’s love through our services.
2. Please pray for the sick children and family members in each family. May God heal those who are sick.
3. Please pray for people who lack love. May God be gracious and merciful that they can experience and practice love. So, families, society, and the world will be harmonious, and people will be blessed.
South America West Territory
TC: Colonel Alex Nesterenko
CS: Lt.-Colonel Raul Bernao
Officers 324 (A252 / R72) Envoy 4 Cadets 13 Corps 92 Outposts 5
Sr Soldiers 5,021 Jr Soldiers 1,514 Adherents 1,379
1. For the challenge to be creative, go to the people and serve passionately.
2. For growth, evangelism and expansion. That new families are won to Christ and that the appointments open up new work.
3. For the renewal of the social work according to the current needs in comprehensive programmes.
27/10 Lung Hang Residence for Senior Citizens
Superintendent: Ms. Memory Wong
1. May God bless our residents and their family members with physical and mental health, and grant them peace, and joy.
2. May God grant our colleagues physical, emotional, and mental strength so they can be filled with energy to provide quality service and care for our residents.