Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near. (Isaiah55:6)

Date Prayer Subjects
20/11 Trade Corps
Supply & Purchasing Officer: Mr. Rico Lai
1. Pray that the Lord will grant us wisdom and strength to face the everyday challenges.
2. Pray that we can provide support to all the other services unit.
21/11 Tung Chung Corps
Corps Officer: Captains Gideon & Alice Yue
1. May God protect the primary school students of our Corps’ student fellowship so they will know the true meaning of Jesus’ love for them.
2. May God protect our Corps’ local officers, so brothers, and sisters can be united in serving the Lord.
3. May God keep us and bless our Corps’ ministry we are now planning for next year.
22/11 So Uk Kindergarten
Headmistress : Ms. Lai Kar Man
1. In the peak of the flu season, please pray for the health of our students and teachers. May God protect and care for us.
2. With the low birth rate, the school is having less students, so we need to conduct more promotional activities, principal and teachers have to handle works of different areas of expertise, may God grant us wisdom, strength and capability that we can cooperate with one another and recruit more students.
3. Please pray for the collaboration between the school and the Corps. We hope that more students and their families will learn about Jesus through the school and experience salvation!
Liberia and Sierra Leone Territory
TC: Lt.-Colonel Luka Khayumbi
CS: Major Dieudonne Louzolo
Officers 114 (A104 / R10) Aux-Captain 3 Cadets 19 Corps 45 Outposts & Societies 31
Sr Soldiers 7,610 Jr Soldiers 943 Adherents 434
1. Please pray for a creditable and successful review to be conducted by the IS and team in November 2023.
2. Please pray for willingness to spend time and energy teaching about giving.
3. Please pray for the 35 years celebration of the territory and all the remaining programmes in 2023 to be implemented.
24/11 Po Lam Residence For Senior Citizens
Service Supervisor (adjunct Superintendent: Ms. Venue Ho
1. Please pray for the physical and mental health of our residents. May God grant them healthy bodies so they can live peacefully and joyfully daily.
2. Please pray for our staff. May God continue to grant us steadfast minds to serve our residents with loving hearts.