But I pray to you, Lord, in the time of your favor; in your great love, O God, (Psalm 60: 13)

Date Prayer Subjects
23/05 Property Department
Property Director: Mr. Jack Tsang
1. Pray that the Lord will give us strength to demonstrate our integrity and professionalism in a field that demands our very best.
2. Pray that the staff will have good health and wisdom to cope with our work.
24/05 HKIE Corps
Corps Officer : Lieutenant Michael Lam
Associate Corps Officer : Lieutenant Forrest Tsoi
1. Pray for cohesiveness among brothers and sisters of the Corps amid the pandemic. Also pray for their relationship with God.
2. Pray for a caring community as we practise the spirit of ‘One Army’ amid the pandemic.
25/05 Shek Wu School
Principal : Ms. Addy Cheung
1. Pray for the loving care and strength from our Father upon all staff, students, parents and those who give support to Shek Wu School.
2. Give thanks for the strength and provision following the resumption of school life.
Carribbean Territory
TC: Commissioner Devon Haughton
CS:Lt.-Colonel Morris Vincent
Officers 317(A240/ R77) Aux-Capts 5 Envoy 7 Corps 130 Outposts 45
Sr Soldiers 12,521 Jr Soldiers3,557 Adherents 2,233
1. Thank God for the ministry of The Salvation Army in the Caribbean Territory.
2. Pray for 135 years of Congress Celebration in February 2023.
3. Pray for our 8 cadets who are preparing for summer field training.
4. Pray for the unity in this territory, that all officers, soldiers, adherents and employees feel included in the mission.
5. Pray for a spiritual revival to take place so that men and women will respond to the call for full time service, especially the English Speaking.
27/05 Bradbury Home of Loving Kindness ; Lung Hang Residence for Senior Citizens ; Kam Tin RSC
Service Supervisor :Ms. Chu Suk Wah
1. Pray for suitable treatment and speedy recovery for all staff and residents who are infected with COVID-19.
2. Pray that the pandemic will go soon, so that our residents and all people in Hong Kong may resume normal life.
3. Pray for family members of our residents who are infected with COVID-19. Besides physical healing, pray for peace and joy upon them.