Not only is this so, but we also boast in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received reconciliation. (Romans 5: 11)

Date Prayer Subjects
24/05 Salvation Army Leadership Training Centre
SALT Manager: Mr. Lau Pui Kay
1. May God keep all staff members in good health and be strengthened in their service to God. Pray that we may gain victory in the Lord under the pandemic.
2. May God grant us strength in organising the collections in the resource centre, so that more people will be drawn to visit the Centre. Use these items to help Salvationists to learn about our predecessors’ contribution and realise God’s will from these historical objects.
3. May God strengthen all ministries of the Training Centre, so that everyone can better serve God.
25/05 William Booth Corps
Corps Officer: Major Alice Tam Law Wei Fong
1. Pray that fellow brothers and sister will be willing to ‘become a disciple and grow in spirit’.
2. May God continue to use us to bring blessings to the community (by giving out supplies and sharing God’s love).
26/05 Lam Butt Chung Memorial School
Headmaster: Mr. Daniel Lo Yiu Kei
1. Pray for the new school principal designate.
2. Pray for good health in the body, mind and soul of our students and their families in the pandemic.
The Philippines Territory
TC: Colonel David Oalang
CS: Lt.-Colonel Rodolfo Salcedo
Officers 243(A159/R84) Corps 86 Cadets 7
Sr Soldiers 9,628 Jr Soldiers 1,112
1. Pray for more young people to give their lives to God for Officership.
2. Officer’s appointment change effective July 2021.
3. The challenges and effects of Covid 19 in the Territory such as:
a. Worship and meetings
b. Economy and financial difficulties
c. Implementation of various programmes
d. Protection from the virus including the emotional impact on people
4.  TSA-Educational Services sustainability during the pandemic
5. Evangelism and discipleship
28/05 Sai Kung Integrated Home Care Service Team
In Charge: Ms. Iris Chan Sau Wai
The unit mainly provides door-to-door service to elderly living in the community. During the pandemic, pray for good health and peace of mind for our unit’s staff. Also pray for the elders we serve, who are mostly frail and living alone. May God keep and protect them.