As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world. (John 9:5)

Date Prayer Subjects
20/03 Internal Audit Department
Internal Audit Manger: Mr. Corwin Kwong
1. Please pray for the work programme from 2023 to 2024. May God protect and lead the Internal Audit Department to assist other departments and units to perfect their compliance, risk management, and internal control system.
2. Please pray for the staff and their families from all departments. May God bless them all with health, peace, and joy.
21/03 Tung Chung Corps
Corps Officers: Captains Gideon & Alice Yue
1. May God bless our two officers with strength as they care for two Corps so we can do our best to serve the Lord.
2. Please pray that the Local Officers, brothers and sisters can be united in heart. May God revive our hearts to serve God together.
3. Please pray that students from our school will learn about the Lord. May God prepare their hearts to be open for God.
22/03 Tin Ping Nursery School
Head:Ms. Kwok Tsz Kit
1. Our school chef Ms. Leung is about to retire. May God bless her retirement life and prepare a suitable candidate for the school to replace Ms. Leung.
2. Many students are quite unique and have specific needs. May God strengthen our teachers, parents, and our professional team and bless us with good communication and collaboration. We hope to help children make the best of this important period of preschool years, so they can receive appropriate assessments and services that best meet their needs and help them grow and develop holistically.
Zimbabwe and Botswana Territory
TC: Commissioner Wayne Bungay
CS: Colonel Francis Nyakusamwa
Officers 686(A564/ R122) Envoy 14 Cadets22 Corps 453 Outpost 567
Sr Soldiers 136,888 Jr Soldiers 18,519 Adherents5,832
All Programmes on the 2023 Territorial Calendar
Smooth running of all programmes listed on the Territorial Calendar to be done in Corps and Divisions around the Territory.
Presidential Elections in Zimbabwe-2023
Peace during and after elections.
The General’s visit
We are expecting the General to visit Zimbabwe Territory in July. Pray For:
1. Smooth preparations
2. The visit not to be disturbed by elections.
3. Journey mercies to all who will travel for the programmes during the General’s visit.
24/03 Urban Renewal Social Service Team
Service Supervisor: Ms. Gloria Chan
1. Many residents of old districts are affected by urban development and renewal projects and have to move. May God protect their moving processes and bless them so they can adapt to the new environment and new life as soon as possible.
2. May God bless all staff in the Urban Renewal Social Service Team with good health so they can handle the heavy workload.
3. May God bless that the urban renewal construction projects for our To Kwa Wan Centre will be smooth.