Date Prayer Topics
24/06 College of Mission
Director:Major Raymond Cho
Training Principal: Captain Joyce Lam
Prayer Requests:
1. May soldiers learn more about the Bible, equip themselves by studying theological and ministry courses, and apply the learnings in life and deepen their service to God.
2. May God protect cadets, so they will rely on God and experience God’s grace during their training. May their faith grow stronger and may they become increasingly sure of God’s calling for them.
25/06 Tung Chung Corps
Corps Officer: Captains Gideon and Alice Yue
Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for the elderly who were recruited as soldiers at Tung Chung Corps on 12 May. May God help them grow into spiritual maturity, pursue holiness, grow in love, love God’s words, work hard in learning about the Bible, and live a renewed life.
2. May they be strengthened by the Holy Spirit to live as a good witness to God so more people who do not know God yet will be able to see how faith can transform a person.
26/06 Nam Cheong Family Store
Store Manager: Ms. Wah Lee
Prayer Requests:
Please pray that our colleagues will have health and success in work in the new year.
TC: Commissioner Torben Eliasen
CS: Lieut-Colonel Themba Mahlobo
Officers 247 (Active 158 retired 89) Aux-Capts 2 Envoys 2 Cadets 12 Employees 505 Corps 93 Outposts 123
Senior Soldiers 18,934 Adherents 1,439 Junior Soldiers 3,814
We thank God for the successful recommencement of the Territorial Mission Team in 2023 and for its continuation in 2024.
Prayer Requests:
1. Ask for God’s provision and innovative solutions as government financial grants decrease for Social Centres around the Territory.
2. Pray for an increase in people responding to the call to officership, and that intentional mentoring and discipleship may effectively nurture and prepare future officers.
28/06 Tuen Mun East Integrated Services for young people
In Charge : Ms. Wong Siu Lai
Prayer Requests:
1. Pray that God will lead and watch over all our colleagues that we will help each other. May God grant us physical, mental, and spiritual health.
2. May God protect the children and youth we serve at the unit, so they can have physical, mental, and spiritual health through their involvement in the unit and enjoy what they have gained.