For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile. (Romans1:16)

Date Prayer Subjects
19/06 Business Administration Department
Secretary for Business Administration : Major Alice Law
1. Please pray that the different departments of the Business Administration will work together and support each other’s development and ministries.
2. Please pray that our colleagues will convert and believe in God.
20/06 Melody Corps
Corps Officer: Major Samson Cheung
1. We are grateful that residents at ToGather are joining the worship with the Melody Corps. May God strengthen their faith.
2. Please pray for the Preparation Courses for Soldiers and Junior Soldiers. May God bless them to grow up happily and healthily in the church.
21/06 Hung Hom Family Store
Senior Sales Manager: Ms. Fanny Chan
1. Please pray for the health of our colleagues.
2. Please pray that we can recruit able staff soon.
India Eastern Territory
TC: Colonel Lalhmingliana Hmar
CS: Lt.-Colonel Prakash Chandra Pradhan
Officers 373 (A270 / R103) Aux-Captains 13 Cadets 29
Corps 245 Outpost & Societies 186 Sr Soldiers 42,424 Jr Soldiers 10,533 Adherents 54
1. We thank God for spiritually energising the lives of soldiers through the General’s Visit & Territorial Congress with General & WPWM
2. To praise and give thanks to God for the India Eastern Territory has been increasing in soldiers enrolment as we are receiving God’s blessing.
3. To attain success and achievement on India Eastern Territory’s annual operational theme 2023 “Conquer the World with Fire & Blood” based on 1 Peter 1:19 & Acts 2:3
23/06 SKY Family and Child Development Centre
Service Supervisor: Ms. May Yung
1. May God spread his love and faith to our families with special needs members, blessing them to live with hope in difficult times.
2. Please pray for our team. May God’s grace cover and protect all team members and lead them in their daily lives. Pray for their physical and spiritual health.