Your Majesty, you are the king of kings. The God of heaven has given you dominion and power and might and glory; (Daniel 2: 37)

Date Prayer Subjects
20/06 Legal Department
Legal Counsel: Ms Gigi Chong
1. May God grant us wisdom to improve the e-filing system of Legal Department.
2. Pray for better understanding of God’s vision for Legal Department.
21/06 Kowloon East Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Billy Lam
1. May God revive the praying hearts of our Brothers and Sisters, and the Holy Spirit will guide us to be a church empowered by prayers.
2. Pray for the recruitment of Ministry Assistant III and Ministry Coordinator. May God call upon and select the suitable people to serve.
22/06 Wanchai Family Store
Senior Store Manager:Ms. Erica Lo
During the severe time of the pandemic, some of our staff are infected. We are grateful to see that we help and pray for each other to overcome the difficulties.
Kenya East Territory
TC: Colonel Daniel Kiama
CS: Lt-Col Friday Ayanam
Officers 806 (A738 / R68) Cadets 96 Envoy 106 Corps 547 Outpost 287
Sr Soldiers 94,190 Jr Soldiers 61,068 Adherents 598
1. Thank God for using our Territorial leaders to guide the Territory towards achieving the goals of our Strategic plan 2020-2024, whose theme is ‘Bearing fruit as Soldiers of Jesus Christ’- Colossians 1:6, 10. We embrace our Territorial leader’s new initiatives which have been put in place to move the Territory since January 1st 2022 when they took office.
2. Thank God for successful launching and distribution of the two Salvation Army books to all commands- Called to be a Soldier and Day by Day Call to Mission. Glory be to God – all soldiers in the Territory will benefit by receiving a copy of the two books from their command leaders.
3. Pray that God will lead all Salvationists to faithfully deny themselves during the Territorial Self-Denial Appeal ingathering which was held  on 22nd May 2022. And through the message of the day, pray that Salvationists are inspired to give themselves fully to the work of God.
4. Pray for political stability during this election year. It is our desire that God will give our politicians the right words to use during this campaign period. Pray for the church in Kenya to stand in the gap / preach peace, love and unity. We pray that God will give us leaders of his own choice.
24/06 Hoi Yu Day Care Centre for Senior Citizens
Service Supervisor: Ms Kerry Ho
1. May God grant health and wisdom to the staff to handle their work.
2. Pray for our members and their families. May God keep them healthy and happy.